ZombieSmith Brings New War Of Ashes Fluffy Viking To Kickstarter

July 14, 2021 by brennon

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ZombieSmith is on Kickstarter right now with an update to their War Of Ashes miniature collection. You are currently able to snap up miniatures in both resin and digital format (to print at home) to use in their games of Shieldbash and perhaps a bit of Shieldwall too.

War Of Ashes Main Image - Zombiesmith

War Of Ashes Kickstarter // ZombieSmith

The new and updated miniatures for the Jaarl and Vorix have been updated and tweaked to be a bit larger than life. If you like the idea of cuddly, fluffy (and yet deadly) Vikings then this might be a Kickstarter worth taking a look at.

Both of these warbands have been reworked from the ground up and there are two full warbands for you to choose from.

Jaarl Warband - ZombieSmith

Jaarl Warband // ZombieSmith

As mentioned above, the miniatures are available either as STL Files that you can print off at home or as resin prints directly from ZombieSmith. You can also buy a licence to print and sell the miniatures yourself if you prefer.

Vorix Warband - ZombieSmith

Vorix Warband // ZombieSmith

I really like the Jaarl Warband but there is something absolutely adorable and awesome about the Vorix too.

These warbands are just the start of the War Of Ashes range and you can actually check out their existing range HERE. There are also free downloads of both the Shieldbash and Shieldwall rules so you can get to know the game behind the miniatures range.

War Of Ashes #1 - Zombiesmith

War Of Ashes // ZombieSmith

War Of Ashes #2 - Zombiesmith

War Of Ashes // ZombieSmith

As well as adding new miniatures into the mix for these two factions, the folks at ZombieSmith have also been looking at expanding things with a few additional options too. Again, I really like this fluffy Viking look which feels unique!

Eenid & Aengubba - Zombiesmith

Eenid & Aengubba //  ZombieSmith

Zethus And Chira - Zombiesmith

Zethus And Chira // ZombieSmith

If nothing else, I think that these would be absolutely amazing to paint. It's fun to see ZombieSmith revisiting this collection as well and I am eager to see what they do next with it. The Kickstarter is already going well and I hope that we get to see them do a lot more with this, especially with updates rules too.

Are you tempted by the look of War Of Ashes?

"If nothing else, I think that these would be absolutely amazing to paint..."

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