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Soldado's Burrows and Badgers terrain - Part the second! The Mansion of Marneous Blackwick!

Soldado's Burrows and Badgers terrain - Part the second! The Mansion of Marneous Blackwick!

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The process of creation...

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Skill 21
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So a bit of a step by step, well not really im not that reliable for taking pictures, but here I hope you can see the process by which the Inn came together..

Materials used are Foam core for the walls, I draw on where I want the doors and windows and the other bits and bobs then cut them out. next phase is to take the remaining outer plastic sheeting and draw on the stone work.

Once thats all done its hot gled together and then hot glued to a 2 ply cardboard base made by cutting a home bake pizza box back to back with superglue.

The thatch to the stable, this is made from wet corrugated cardboard thats been ground up in a blender, mixed with PVA and then applied thickly and the lines are created by thumping the edge of a steel ruler or knife into it.

After under coating brown, base colours of Grey for the stone and tan for everything else was drybrushed on. the odd stone was picked out with various coloured inks and the roof drybrushed yellow. the woodwork was washed with raw sienna to give it a used natural look.

Creeping vine/ ivy, this is string soaked in green ink then glued in place, I make yet revisit this part as later buildings got a improved version where instead of applying the pva to the building and sprinkling the flock I mixed the flock with PVA prior and then lumped it into place, this gave a much better effect.

The inn sign was created by photographing the picture in the B&B rule book and printing it out (after creating a copy and flipping it) stick the pictures to a piece of card and build the sign structure around it out of coffee stirrers.


Once everything is painted and in place the whole thing is coated in 2 layers of dark oak wood varnish to help it survive the rigours of gaming.

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These are sweet! nice work.

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