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Entropy City (My Miniatures Game WIP)

Entropy City (My Miniatures Game WIP)

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Basic Model Sculpt Ideas

Tutoring 4
Skill 7
Idea 11
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As I said initially this project was a long term one, for a game I’ve been playing with for a number of years now, to reiterate the concept is to work off the idea of Biker Gangs like you see on TV and the movies (and IRL many decades ago sometimes still today). Kind of a what-if the commonality never went away.

Whilst most of the larger groups still exist today they dont in the force they once did. Anyway to help keep this moving I have used HeroForge to help create some basic concept ideas for the groups. Keeping in mind that with most of these the motorcycle is wrong but just fleshing out my ideas in 3D space.

Stereotypical Biker Gang Concepts

Sportsbike concepts

Punk Concepts

The Law Concepts

As I’ve said before this is still very much early concept ideas for both the factions and their looks but I hope it help gives a visual as to the ideas I have in mind

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