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Stuffed Fables

Stuffed Fables

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Project Blog by d2painterth

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About the Project

I am painting Stuffed Fables. The character is very cute. I skip the other project in order to finish this. I have plan to play game with my kids before the school break in Thailand around March. I am quite busy from my new job. I plan to finish 3 characters a week as plan. I am slow painter. I have around 3 hours 3 days a week. My idea is make the hero brighter than the enemy. Moreover, I will do pattern technique to make it look like the real Stuffies Hope you like it.

This Project is Completed

2.5D VDO

Tutoring 1
Skill 2
Idea 2
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Making of 2.5 from Photoshop

How to make 2.5D VDO

I am developing the VLOG Channel, so I am researching and practicing the technique for my channel.  The Youtube I found the idea is  This guy is very good for Photo and Youtube.

Skreela? Dont know her name

Tutoring 1
Skill 3
Idea 0
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Skreela FontSkreela Font
Skreela BackSkreela Back


Color SetColor Set

I like this miniature.  She is a little bit spooky, but I don’t want to make her too spooky for my kids.  I try to make the color look sweet and light weight [Spoil Alert – See info below]

Skin Tone (Face Hands and Foot) – Scale75 Moonray Flesh Shadow with Glaze with Mix of Scale75 Decay Black and Scale75 Eldaldil Violet and Hilight with mix of Scale75 Purity White

Lips – Mix Scale75 Mooray Flesh and Scale75 Mayhem Red and Scale75 Purity White

Eyes – Scale75 Purity white and Eyes Shadow Thin Line with Glaze Black and Violet

Hair – This is terrible part for me.  First I tried to use NMM technique for reflection light. It turned bad because I don’t know where the reflection shold be.  Then, I decided to painted all in Black with Scale75 Negro Grey (Near Black Color) and Edge all with Scale75 Mishatonic Grey (Not in the picture), then wash with Black and Violet to smooth the color and create dept.

Dress – I used the Scale75 Resurrection Flesh and shaded the shadow with Glaze of mix of Black and Violet.  Hilight with mix of white. The color of Collar,  I used Scale75 Orchis Dermis and mixed of white for edge hilight.

Purple OSL – I use the Scale75 Eldadil Violet to Glaze on the right side of all part of model.


[Spoil Alert]

I found in the book that she can fly and can make things fly.


Tutoring 2
Skill 5
Idea 3
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Dollmaker FrontDollmaker Front
Dollmaker BackDollmaker Back


Hair and White Cloth – I based with Scale75 Mishatonic Grey and glazed the shadow with Scale75 Decay Black and Scale 75 Green Skin Flesh then Hilight with mix of Scale75 Purity White.

Mask – I base with Scale75 Peanut Butter and Glaze shadow with mix of black and green. Hilight with mix of white focus on Fore head and nose.

Google – I based with Scale75 Bosh Chestnut and Glaze shadow with mix of Black then hilight with mix of White. Google Lens I based with Scale75 Amarith Blue and use Purity white for line and dot to make the reflection.

Gloves and Trousers – I based with Scale75 Green Skin + Goblin Flesh and hilight with Goblin Flesh.  I used opposite color to shadow with mix of Scale75 Decay Black and Mayhem Red to glaze.

Ears and Bare feet: I used Harvester Flesh for Skin Tone and glaze with mix of Black and Green for shadow. Hilight with mix of white.

Shoe: I based with Scale75 Bosh Chestnut with hilight on the top with mix of white.

D2 – This is just for fun and not Neat. I used pencil to draft and paint with Scale75 Green Skin and Goblin flesh

The Haunting Dark Hearts

Tutoring 5
Skill 5
Idea 5
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Quick & Dirty Paint Jobs

Dark Heart MinionsDark Heart Minions

Sincerely, My effort is nearly lost for this project. The minions are not that Wow for me to paint. So, I decide to make the quick mass production.  My idea is there are from the same batch of doll creation as each patch of individual may come from the other minions.  I picked main 6 colors and randomly painted each path. I select the green as the main colors as the art card and I want to put the opposite color for the eye to make it stand out. The center of the minion that is pulled the plastic heart out is glowing red.

Color Choice

Body Head & 3 Ears: Scale75 5 Colors randomly paint Greenskin Flesh, Surfer Orc Fresh, Goblin Flesh, Armarath Blue, Peanut Butter, Lilith Yellow. Highlight with mix of white and glaze with red with black

Eyes: Scale75 Mayhem Red hilight mix of white and use Red Black Glaze

Needle Work Line: Pure White

Heart Hole:  Under paint with Scale Mishatonic Grey and Purity white and Glaze with Citadel Blood Letter focus on inside the hole


Crepitus, the Ultimate Slumberlord

Tutoring 6
Skill 8
Idea 6
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I do some research about the character and found that he is the brother of the legend of the Man on the Moon.

So, I want to put stars on his cloak as there is a lot of space to make it.  Moreover, I would like to show his dark magic like the character design art. Then, I want paint have OSL technique magic from his both hands.

I did some color matching ideas from my phone. I used Samsung Note 8 with pen to draw the color (Pencil Tools) from Screen Write App to test some idea before paint.


Crepitus Zoom FaceCrepitus Zoom Face
Crepitus FightCrepitus Fight

Inner Dark Cloak and Hat – I used Scale75 Negro Gray for base.  The color is near black color and mix white for hilight. Shadow, I glazed with Scale75 Endradil Violet mix with Black. For the star and galaxy, I glazed with Scale75 Emarath Blue and Scale 75 Endradil Violet and Pure White randomly. The Stars, I randomly dot differemt size and make the shinny ones to the bright part.

Outer Light Cloak – I used Scale75 Mistakonic Grey (Not show in Picture) and shade with glaze of Violet and black then mix of white for hilight.

Skin tone – I used Scale75 Moonray Fresh and glaze with Violet and black for shadow, then mix of white.

Eyes – I used the Scale75 Marduk Yellow and dot the  Scale75 Baal Crimson for pupils shade with thin line of mix glaze of violet and black.

Belt – Base color with Scale75 Bosh Chestnut and edge with texture with mix of white. NMM the belt buckle of Mix of Black, Grey and White.

Hair – I used Scale75 Decay Black and glaze the shadow of Violet and Black. Highlight as NMM technique to make the hair reflection look.

Teeth – I used Scale 75 Heskey Yellow (Not in the picture) mix with white and hilight at the front with mix of more white and paint thin line between upper and lower teeth.

OSL – I glazed with Scale75 Goblin Flesh the left size more than the right side and focus on the hand. To make to contrast, I glazed the violet on the right side


Trial and Error - Vanish

I mostly vanished with Thai Local Brand spray branded TVB.  But I just got the new Sparkle Reflect Spray from Local Stationary Store named ‘Somjai’.  The seller told me that it is fluorescent substance in the can without color, so I decided to buy and try.  The result turn bad and it is foggy white on the miniature. The good thing, it reflect all the light during the night.

You can see the difference at the Snatcher Robot hands with the flash and without flash.

Crawlies, Greedy Crawlies

Tutoring 4
Skill 5
Idea 5
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Crawlies is ugly and scary.  I tried to make it contrast with the hero.  I paint it quick and dirty.  This is 3 hours for 4 minions.  This is very quick for me.


Body – Spidey legs I used the Vallejo Gold and watch with Citadel Agrax Earthsade Gloss and Hilight with mixing of Vallejo Gold and White Aluminum. The blue Corrosion effect I used Citadel Nihilakh Oxide paint randomly focus on the depth.

Yellow eyes – I used the Scale75 Murduk Yellow and Glaze where the light might shine to.  The yellow make me messy.  The lid popped out and the yellow splash every way.

Doll Face – Base with Scale75 Moon Ray Fresh and wash with blue and black for shadow and mix of Pure white for hilight. Then wash with Citadel Agrax Earthshade

Green Eye of Doll – I paint with White and Vallejo Sick Green and Dot Black in Center.

Mouth  – Mixed of Scale75 Moon Ray with Scale75 Mayhem Red

Yellow Splash!!!Yellow Splash!!!

Knuckle The Banana Eater

Tutoring 4
Skill 8
Idea 5
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Knuckle Idea

He is green gorilla. He is stong, but in the other side I want to put little humor to him. There is many interesting points to paint and has a lot of space to free hands. I decided to do NMM and Freehand Tattoo at his shoulder and may be back. But I need more time to do some reserch.

Knuckle FrontKnuckle Front
Knuckle BackKnuckle Back
Knuckle ColorsKnuckle Colors

Body Dark Green – The main color is Vallejo Sick Green for base and Hilight mix of Scale75 Toxic Waste Green. About the Shadow, I glazed with Scale75 Mayhem Red and Black

Body Light Green – I used the Toxic Waste Green and Mixed of Hykey Yellow on the Light part and shadow with glaze with Scale 75 Mayhem Red and Black

Banana – I used the Murduk Yellow with mix of black, green and white for creating depth.

Knife – I used NMM Technique with black, grey and white and used the blue to glaze to reflect the blue sky and green to reflect on the other side of knife.  The handle I used the Scale75 Peanut butter.


Tutoring 3
Skill 7
Idea 5
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Stitch is the most detailed among the heroes. He has many shade of brown and strip pattern.  I used mixed up of a lot colors, so I can’t remember and record the paint recipe.

This time, I tried new technique of using opposite color in shading shadow. I used mix of darkblue and black with glazing medium in shading, which is the opposite color of orange brown. I have an idea to pin the real pin to the head like the art, but my fried told me not to do. Becuase it is dangerous for my kids during playing the game.


Tutoring 6
Skill 11
Idea 6
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Lionel FrontLionel Front
Lionel BackLionel Back

I tried to have gimmick to every hero as possible.  Lionel has simplest miniature, so I decide to put some gimmick on small patch and hair style of him.

Small Patch – I would like to related to the X’mas time as now we are in this festive period, so I put the X’mas Red & Green Patch design.  I used Base with Scale75 Green Skin Fresh and paint the thin Scale75 Mayhem Red and White.

Hair – Because Lionel has the significant hair style, I decided to make the hi-light to him. I used Vallejo Flat blown then wash with Citadel Agrax Earthshade with a lot of water for base and layering hilight focus on the front of the hair by mixing the white white flat brown and thin edge line with pure white on to make the light reflection

Body – I used the Vallejo game color Plague brown wet blend with mix of pure white on the top part of body where the light on.

Claw – I used the Vallejo Ivory and Hilight with Pure White.

Eyes and Teeth – Pure White

Mouth – Pure Back


Tutoring 8
Skill 10
Idea 7
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Flops FrontFlops Front
Flops BackFlops Back

Body – Vallejo Dark Fresh. Because there are 3 brown hero characters – Theodora, Flops, and Lionel, I decided to make them different in color.  I like Vallejo Dark Fresh to make it yellow light brown look. Layer blending hilight with mix of white and texture by using glazing line Scale75 Purity White and Shadow Shading with mix of glazing with black at the shadow zone

Tummy and Tail- Scale75 Hiskey Yellow

Eyes Patch – Scale74 Surfer Orc Fresh

Eyes – Scale75 Green Skin Fresh and mix black below path of eyes and dot with white to make reflection of eyes

Nose – Mix Scale75 Mayhem Red with Dark Fresh and bit of white. Tip the white line to make light reflection look.

Mouth – Mix Scale75 Mayhem Red with Dark Fresh and bit of white. Paint the small line to shape the mouth.

Bagpack – Scale75 SFG46 Blue and layer the mix of white and pure white to make reflection.

Bagpack Heart and F – First I plan to freehand with World ‘Flops’, but it is no space at the bagpace.  So, I decided to put only ‘F’ on itm. Color is Scale75 Mayhem Red and layer with mix of white. Tips the white dot to make reflectio look. Paint small line with mix of black to bold the freehan

Bow – I used Scale74 Sharpnel Red and paint patter with black to make wood grian look, but it is not. Bow know with Scale 75 Purity White texture.


Bow – I used Scale75 Peanut Butter for the wood. Pure black on the head of arrow wirh Black Head. I layer and dot to make reflection. Feature of Arrow are used by Chink Orange.


Tutoring 4
Skill 13
Idea 5
No Comments


Theodora FrontTheodora Front
Theodora SideTheodora Side

Now, it is 1AM midnight. I am sleepy. I will put the detail tomorrow. Nite Nite


Tutoring 6
Skill 14
Idea 7
Lumpy FrontLumpy Front
Lumpy BackLumpy Back

Base – I base the color with Scale75 Miskatonic Grey and Layer with mix of white and Glaze the shadow with mix of black.  Then mix grey with white to cross hatching pattern.

Shirt – I base with Scale75 Amarith Blue and Layer with mix of white and Glaze the shadow with mix of black.  Then mix grey with white to cross hatching pattern.

Meat Grinder Handle – I base the Scale75 Peanut Butter and Layer with mix of white and edge hi light with Vallejo Metal White Aluminum and glaze with blue on the top to make the sky reflection.

Meat Grinder Metal – I base with Vallejo Metal Color Silver



Tutoring 6
Skill 12
Idea 7
No Comments

I prime with Scale75 Orchish Dermis SFG-19 to the base color.  I love this pink color.

Nose – I mixed the red color (Sorry that I forget Scale75 Color name).

Play Clay Lid – I mixed pink white red and purple (Sorry I also don’t remember these color too) and mix white to highlight effect on it.  For the free hand, I mark with pencil and paint the dark red color and pink and white to make it look like embossed.

Eyes and Legs – I paint with Black and dot to make the Light reflect effect look.

Eyes brown and Lip – I mix black with pink to make it not too dark.

Hi light white texture – I mixed white and cross hatching with very fine line to make the texture pattern on the Highlight Zone

The Snatcher

Tutoring 9
Skill 7
Idea 6
No Comments

True Metallic Color

The Snatcher

I used the new bought color Vallejo Metal Color Gold 77.725.  The color is very good covering but a little bit greeny look.  I painted on the top head, arm, head, lower torso, legs, and feet.  The other parts I painted with Vallejo Metal Color Silver 77.724.  The Eyes, I painted it black and dot with white to make the reflect light and then filter with Green Glaze Waywatcher Green.  Hilight, I mixed the Vallejo Metal Color White Aluminium 77.706 to Gold and Silver and Layer the highlight and Edge


Tutoring 7
Skill 6
Idea 7
No Comments

Zenithal Priming

I prime with Local Spray Can with Layland Black Black F-14 to all model

Hero – I prime 80% of model with Layland Primer Grey A-42 and then prime at the top and focus at the face with Layland White F-15

Enemy – I prime just small Layland white F-15 on the top and little on the face.

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