Westfalia Update! Digital Halflings, Bounty Hunters & Prideful Paladins!

April 8, 2020 by avernos

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I absolutely love Westfalia's Halflings. So much you can't imagine how many I have squirrelled away around here. Last month Ben showed off some previews of new digital sculpts as they move into the realm of 3D printing, but I had a brief chat with Kawe and Westfalia is truly flourishing in the frozen north so I thought I would take a look at what's on the cards from this tiny Canadian company over the coming year.

Westfalia Halflings

Westfalia has now set up a page for Westfalia 3D the digital side of the site to give people who love all things halfling a wealth of miniatures and more for people to print and use for any shire based festivities you can imagine.

Beyond the miniatures, a variety of sculptors will be bringing us Halfling holes, Halfling home interiors, Halfling allies, and Halfling enemies. At the moment they haven't decided exactly how they will get these into your hands, but if you are interested in pint sized pugilists you can subscribe to the newsletter and get a free STL file every month as they build towards a release.

free gift

The first miniature available is this staunch looking bruiser.

Traditional Sculpting

If you like more tangible things then fear not, for there is a wealth of resin that will be coming your way very soon. First of these is the incredibly beautiful range of Barbarians, Bards, & Buccaneers sculpted by Boris Woloszyn.

The last of these miniatures has been finished and it has been opened up for late pledges where you can get as many or as few of these as you want. After seeing them if you can get away without ordering them all, well you have more willpower than I (not sure if that's a surprise to anyone here mind you)

Westfalia 3Bs

While only a set of ten miniatures, every one of them is work of art that would grace a collectors shelf, a gamers table or even an RPG.  My favourite is the half daemon playing the squeezebox..or no it's the elf throwing the horns as he rocks out...or maybe the *coughs* As I was saying, ten stunning pieces of work and the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that there were eleven on that page.

Well, the Paladorian that I looked back a couple of months ago got added when it was sculpted as the world was going mental for a Baby Yoda. However it is not the only way to get it, Westfalia has decided to do a lootcrate. He'll be joined by three other miniatures including a female fighter and a magical iron golem.

Lootcrate Mando

Not a lady to mess with, I believe she was hiding in this village tavern first so just move along.

iron golem

The final party member is being worked on and will be added to the Darkest Crate when done. The crate will include items not available in the shop and is planned to start between June July, corona permitting, with the aim to release one every 3-4 months, depending on how much demand there is. Great for painters or people who love wacky miniatures in their armies and RPGs.

Speaking of which...

dark eye preview

Westfalia return to Aventuria for the Dark Eye, coming to Kickstarter on April 13th, this campaign will flesh out more figures for the setting. The first Kickstarter supplied some great characters sculpted by Paul Hicks, this time around it's a lot more soldiers for the various human factions as well as their enemies.

Apart from the undead we have seen there will also be orcs and while I've not yet seen any of the sculpts, based on how close Paul kept to the source material for the first wave these orcs could be a massive hit. I'll let the Dark Eye explain it themselves.

Orcs are a fierce and deadly foe. This is particularly true for those that dwell on the continent of Aventuria in The Dark Eye. A head smaller and more powerfully built than most humans, be they are the black furred Zhollochai, brown furred Mokolash, or white furred Shurachai, orcs are far more than the mindless brutes you may have encountered elsewhere

dark eye orc

While that seems like a lot going on, it doesn't even scratch the surface of their partnership plans going forward to make more RPG miniatures for the Dragongrin 5th Edition Setting,


...or collaboration with Gary Chalk!

lone wolf

...or even a set of miniatures based on the Archer Inventive.

The Archer Inventive

All of this and even talk about a 2nd edition of the fantastic Strongsword fantasy skirmish game, 2020 looks to be a tentpole year for Westfalia and they've used the first quarter of this year to build a shiny new website and expand their supply base of sculptors and casters to resolve past issues of not being able to keep ranges in stock which could sometimes be very frustrating.

I feel I'll be shaken down by Kawe again shortly for any loose change I have in my pockets and I have to say, I honestly don't mind.

Which project are you most excited for?

"Not a lady to mess with, I believe she was hiding in this village tavern first so just move along..."

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