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Westfalia Miniatures

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Warhammer: The Old World; Will You Take It Back? + Build Sci-Fi Terrain In Minutes #OTTWeekender

4 days ago 100

It's OTT Weekender Time! Warhammer: The Old World, will you take it back? Also, we check out ace Sci-Fi terrain you can build in minutes.

Check Out Westfalia Miniatures’ Epic True Monsters On Kickstarter


Westfalia Miniatures has teamed up with Boris Woloszyn once again to design some fantastic True Monsters in 32mm scale for use in your tabletop roleplaying games and wargames. See what you think of them!

Bolt Action’s BIGGEST Tank Now In Plastic + Stargrave Crews Made Easy With Sci-Fi Apes #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time and a Happy St George's Day, this week Warlord Games Have announced that German players are getting Bolt Action's BIGGEST tank in plastic and our Indie of the week makes Stargrave Crews Easy but first we kick things off with Warcradle's big announcement of the imminent arrival of the Crown

Boris Woloszyn Funds Cabinet Of Curiosities Via Patreon


Boris Woloszyn has become quite an impressive sculptor and made a mark for himself in the industry crafting characters for Westfalia Miniatures and also Zealot's return to HeroQuest.

Westfalia’s Pride Knights Now Available & Teasers Ahoy!


Westfalia Miniatures has now made the Fantasy Pride Knights, previously available via Kickstarter, an option to buy over on their webstore.

Westfalia Miniatures Bring The Rakshasa King To IndieGoGo


Westfalia Miniatures is now on IndieGoGo looking to fund the creation of an amazing model by Boris Woloszyn.

Westfalia Focusing In On Dragongrin Miniatures This Month!


Westfalia Miniatures has announced that The Dead Man's Guide To Dragongrin range is going to be coming to Kickstarter later this month on 12th October.

For One Gold Piece Westfalia’s Patreon Will Bring you Joy


It's safe to say that when it comes to Westfalia Miniatures I'm a bit of a fan, whether it's halfling knight on a goat or an accordion-playing bard sitting on a mimic the miniatures have always been top quality and full of whimsy.

Woloszyn Sculpts Up A Superb Twist On A Familiar Dark Lord


Working with Westfalia Miniatures to produce some new miniatures for (I assume) an upcoming Darkest Crate, he has sculpted up this fantastic take on the one and only Darth Vader but done as a Fallen Paladin from Fantasy perspective. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Hobby Shrunk Our Presenters!


This week we are joined once more by DJ Jazzy Johnston as the Fantastic Four embark on a whirlwind tour of all things hobby.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Gerry Conjures Up Bunny Beasts With Shocking HD Photos!


Hello, again CoGs. It's that time again where we relax, kick back and soak in the bath of hobby.

Westfalia Take To Kickstarter With Heroic Pride Knights Project


Westfalia Miniatures, alongside Archer Inventive and the sculpting talents of Boris Woloszyn, have taken to Kickstarter with their brand new campaign for the Pride Knights Miniatures.

Cult Of Games XLBS: The Hobby That Rocked, Pirate Radio & Terrifying Bunnies!


It's Sunday once again and for those of you who haven't left your pants since March, it's important to know that the weekend is almost over and tonight is a school night.

Westfalia Miniatures Show Off Stunning New Models


Westfalia Miniatures have been showing off a set of new models that have been in the works for a while. The first of these is the set of Pride Knights which will be part of a Kickstarter that launches in June. 

Venture Deeper Into The Dark Eye With Westfalia On Kickstarter


Building on the success of their last Heroes Of Aventuria Kickstarter campaign, Westfalia Miniatures are now back on the funding platform with Heroes Of Aventuria 2 which dives deeper into The Dark Eye world and Siebenstreich.

Weekender: WIN Flames Of War Starter Set + Amazing Warhammer 40K Films!


Make sure to come and dive in with us for another epic Weekender as we're talking awesome indie companies, epic Warhammer 40,000 animation and much more.

Westfalia Update! Digital Halflings, Bounty Hunters & Prideful Paladins!


I absolutely love Westfalia's Halflings. So much you can't imagine how many I have squirrelled away around here. Last month Ben showed off some previews of new digital sculpts as they move into the realm of 3D printing, but I had a brief chat with Kawe and Westfalia is truly flourishing in the frozen north so I thought I would take a look at what's on the cards from this tiny Canadian company over the coming year.

Return To Aventuria With Westfalia Miniatures This Month


Westfalia Miniatures are going to be returning to the land of Aventuria with a Kickstarter project which will expand upon their range.

Westfalia Tease Plans For 3D Printer Friendly Halflings Project


Westfalia Miniatures has been showing off some early renders of a new band of Halflings which might be coming to Kickstarter soon. See what you make of these furry-footed fellows! 

This Is The Way Westfalia Miniatures Tease A Loot Crate


So Kawe over at Westfalia Miniatures has announced that they are planning a loot crate for fans of fantasy RPGs.  We will be doing a RPG mystery box at Westfalia, and we will throw all the funky stuff in there that's really cool but not shop-proof. This will be starting June/July, and we're planning to send one out every 3-4 months, depending on how much demand there is for that sort of thing.

Westfalia Begin Summoning The Undead With Skeletal Warriors


Coming (potentially) as part of a new Kickstarter campaign in the near future, Westfalia Miniatures has been showing off a range of the shambling undead.

A Band Of Westfalia Miniatures’ Heroes Arrive On Kickstarter


Westfalia Miniatures are back on Kickstarter for their 13th campaign as they squeeze in another opportunity for you to pick up some of their 32mm heroes and villains for use in your roleplaying games and more. 

Westfalia & Absolute Tabletop Join Forces For Dragongrin


Westfalia and Absolute Tabletop have joined forces to create a range of miniatures for their Dragongrin supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. 

Westfalia Are Taking The Halfings To Kickstarter


Westfalia have a new Kickstarter about to launch, preparing to bring an army of everyone's favourite diminutive heroes to the table. Are you ready for The Third Breakfast?

Westfalia Show Off Their Deadly Vampire Of Havena


Westfalia Miniature are helping out the Kickstarter from Spoken Adventures as they try and bring their audio drama Choose Your Own Adventure, The Vampire Of Havena, to life.

Westfalia Kickstart The New Adventures Of Siegfried


Westfalia Miniatures are now on Kickstarter looking to fund a collection of miniatures for The Adventures Of Siegfried!

Westfalia Miniatures Prepare For The Adventures Of Siegfried


Westfalia Miniatures are going to be coming back to Kickstarter very soon with a new series of miniatures for The Adventures Of Siegfried. 

Westfalia Prepare For Their Wild & Bestial Feral Lands Kickstarter


Westfalia Miniatures are going to be returning to Kickstarter very soon with their Feral Lands project which looks to bring not only their Elves to the tabletop but also some wild Beastmen too.

Westfalia’s Heroes Of Aventuria Kickstarter Now Live!


Westfalia Miniatures are on Kickstarter running their very time-limited Heroes Of Aventuria Kickstarter.

Westfalia Tease More Heroes Of Aventuria For Kickstarter


Westfalia Miniatures continue the previews ahead of their The Dark Eye Kickstarter which looks to bring iconic characters to life from this German role-playing game.

Woloszyn & Westfalia Join Forces For Alrik Immerdar Miniature


Boris Woloszyn has joined forces with Westfalia Miniatures to create a miniature for their upcoming DSA/The Dark Eye miniature range. This is Alrik Immerdar, one of the iconic characters from the classic German role-playing game. 

Westfalia Miniatures Tease More Dark Eye Heroes


Westfalia Miniatures has been teasing more The Dark Eye heroes based on the hit role-playing game from Germany and published in English via Ulisses North America.

Westfalia Tease More Dark Eye Role-Playing Miniatures For Aventuria


Westfalia has teased more of their upcoming miniatures from the world of Aventuria for The Dark Eye, known as Das Schwarze Auge in Germany where the role-playing game was birthed. 

Westfalia Tease New Miniatures Based On The Dark Eye RPG


Westfalia is continuing to expand their catalogue it seems as they turn their attention to sculpting some Torwalians based on the German RPG, The Dark Eye.

Westfalia’s Tribal Elves Ride Out As Mounted Warriors


Westfalia is working on a range of tribal elves, and have previewed two mounted variants who will soon be riding out.

Westfalia Tease Upcoming Project With Gary Chalk


A teaser popped up on the Westfalia Miniatures Facebook Page for a project involving them and the rather excellent illustrator, Gary Chalk. 

Westfalia Gather Together Their Feral Elves For July 2018


Designed to be released on Kickstarter in July 2018, Westfalia has previewed some more of their Feral Elves over on Facebook.

Westfalia Get Sidetracked By Awesome Looking Elves


Prone to delving into interesting and new projects, Westfalia has taken a step towards creating a range of wonderful looking Elves.

Halflings Take To Kickstarter In The Halfknechts By Westfalia


To prove that big things often come in small packages, Westfalia Publishing is on Kickstarter with a fantastic project featuring halflings!

Westfalia’s Halflings Go Witch Hunting For Cultists


Building on their diverse range of different Halflings, the folks at Westfalia showed off the work going into not only their Halfling Witch Hunters but also some diminutive Cultists too!

Weekender: World Of Darkness Hits Berlin & Battling In Westfalia’s Strongsword

4 years ago 74

Back in the saddle talking all things tabletop.

Arabic Halflings On The Cards From Westfalia Miniatures?


Westfalia Miniatures put together a preview of some of their models of Halfling variety. These warriors are a little more exotic with an Arabic theme to them!

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