Warp Miniatures Summon Fire & Water Elementals On Patreon

April 6, 2022 by brennon

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Warp Miniatures continue their adventure into the world of Elemental powers with some new 28/32mm 3D Printable sculpts over on Patreon. Fire and Water are the focus for this month.

The Elemental Planes Part 2 - Warp Miniatures

The Elemental Planes Part 2 // Warp Miniatures

The set for this month features two character models, Genies, that lead the way alongside a set of small, medium and large elementals for use in your Fantasy games. These are perfect for those who are looking to put together some unique and interesting foes for your heroes to face during their D&D games.

Efreet Fire Genie - Warp Miniatures

Efreet, Fire Genie // Warp Miniatures

You could also use these for those who want to add elemental miniatures into their wargames. These would look particularly great within one of the Mantic armies for Kings Of War for example. I can't think of anything more suitable for the Forces Of Nature.

Merid Water Genie - Warp Miniatures

Merid, Water Genie // Warp Miniatures

There's some great detail in these sculpts and being Elementals, they should be rather quick and easy to paint as well. You are definitely going to get some practice in painting up fire and water effects that could be applied to terrain and more.

Bonus Miniatures For April

As well as the Elementals, there are two additional miniatures included with this month's releases. Hailey Comet is just one of the Sci-Fi miniatures in the collection, a badass Void Ranger who would be well suited to all manner of Sci-Fi wargames. I like the addition of the hologram on her wrist.

Hailey Comet - Warp Miniatures

Hailey Comet // Warp Miniatures

If you have got Squat fever then you can also pick up the Cyber Slayer!

Dwarf Cyber Slayer - Warp Miniatures

Dwarf Cyber Slayer // Warp Miniatures

Snap this fellow up and add him into the mix as a part of your League Of Votann before the release of the miniature from Games Workshop. I like the idea of painting him as Gotrek. He has managed to fight his way through The Old World, The Mortal Realms and now the rest of the galaxy!

Are you going to be checking out this month's releases?

"If you have got Squat fever then you can also pick up the Cyber Slayer!"

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