Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Hits Kickstarter & Smashes Through To $2.5 Million!

November 25, 2016 by brennon

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Who would have thought that the return of Kingdom Death: Monster to Kickstarter would go down so well? Well, everyone did! They released their Kickstarter in the early hours of the morning and it has already smashed its way through to $2.5 Million on the fundraising platform...

Kingdom Death 1.5

The game is packed with loads of awesome goodies and with 1.5 you now have access to some updated and tweaked rules as well as a few new ways to play the game too. This is not just a reprint, it's the return of the game with a new sheen to it for those who want to expand upon their experience and enjoy it for the first time.

Kingdom Death Contents

The 17lbs of game that you get when you crack open Kingdom Death 1.5 takes you on a journey as your Survivors wake up in a nightmarish world and not only have to learn to fight against the forces of darkness all around them but build themselves a settlement out there in the shadows.

You'll turn from scared survivors...

Starting Survivors

...and end up armed and armoured with the materials you found when you killed giant beasts like the Lion.

Armour Kit

It's then up to you to head out there into the darkness and take on more creatures, increasing your skills and bringing prosperity to your little world.

What's New?

Well, when it comes to the 1.5 Edition of the game there are a couple of big changes. The first is the Philosophy Of Death which acts as a little bit of character creation before you begin.

Philosophy Of Death

This system allows you to choose a path for your Survivors before they are sent into the horror of the game world. This might shape their destiny and align them with a certain path and it also allows you to impart wisdom to the rest of the Survivors at the camp rather than find themselves dying with their knowledge lost to the ages.

Additionally you have The First Hero Expansion.

First Hero Expansion

In this expansion you find yourself playing as Veteran Survivors come in later in the game, between Lantern Year twelve or twenty. You have no home but find a settlement you can raid. It is however guarded by The First Hero who is so powerful he can hunt by himself.

First Hero Characters

This brings in a new element to the gameplay and has you playing as tooled up and dangerous Survivors with a mission to raid and pillage this fellows lands. Mechnically, you're also in for something new as The First Hero can break your weapons!

Going Gold

Additionally because of how good the campaign has gone over the last few hours it has gone GOLD. Surpassing the original project they have designed to take things to the next level...


...which is awesome in of itself and that means another model and more besides right now.

Gold Smoke

It's neat that they've already got some good stuff planned for the game and you can imagine Adam Poot's brain is exploding right now. Oh is.

Gold Copy Expanded Content

So, you already have plenty more to be diving into when this game comes out after just a few hours on Kickstarter. Imagine where this is going to be in the next few days.

Pledges & A Let's Play

If you already own Kingdom Death: Monster then you can get your hands on the Update Pack and The First Hero Expansion separately from the main game. If however you're completely new to the game you can go all in and play around with this to your heart's content.

Survivor Vs Monster

This looks like it's going to be utterly fantastic as a Kickstarter project to back and it has no intention of stopping. With that in mind make sure to check out our Let's Play of the game at the top of the page and HERE if you missed it.

Will you be backing?

"...your Survivors wake up in a nightmarish world and not only have to learn to fight against the forces of darkness all around them but build themselves a settlement out there in the shadows"

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