Weekender: Bust Some Ghosts! & Halloween Game Designer Challenge

September 5, 2015 by warzan

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Welcome to The Weekender where we're going to be pondering on loads of awesome stuff that happened this week in the tabletop world and also proposing a new Game Designer Challenge for you to get stuck into!

Weekender: Bust Some Ghosts! & Halloween Game Designer Challenge

News Updates

Kicking things off we're checking out what's popped up in the news and on the website in general.

  • The Desert War - Oriskany's article series continues as the battles get more desperate during World War II.
  • Pandemic Legacy - A new take on the amazing Pandemic sees you playing through a progressive campaign over subsequent months.
  • Journey Wrath Of Demons - The fantastic models continue to come out of Marrow Productions with Golden Horn.
  • Galaxy Quest Returns - A cult classic film which ribbed us wonderful nerds and geeks could be back as a TV show.
  • Privateer Press Hard Plastics - We get updated on the new Hard Plastic releases from Privateer Press and what is already out there with the Transfinite Emergence Projector & Permutation Servitors.

Dawn's Making Miniatures

If you've checked out the home page you'll notice that BoW Dawn has created an article all about her work with Paranoid Miniatures on making a character a reality. The artwork is looking superb for Jezebel but if you want to find out more you'll have to read the whole article!

In addition to the awesome artwork Dawn is also giving away a copy of the miniature when it's eventually created so go and find out how you get involved.

Busting Ghosts

Crooked Dice Games have also worked on making their Paranormal Exterminators a big part of the 7TV experience. A New PDF is available and of course you can grab the models too!

Game Designer Challenge

Talking of horror and ghosts we've also got plans for another Game Designer Challenge! Our thoughts so far have been on the idea of Witches with their potions and brewing cauldrons or Werewolves howling at the moon.

LocaliZED Download

Game Designer Challenge Application Form

If you're interested then we're looking for one Game Designer and one Artist who will be working together to create the game which we will then put together and send out to the community.

LEGO Star Wars

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is closing in (released in December) and with that LEGO have started going mad with the kits.

We take a look at some of the early previews which show off some of the characters and their ships as well as the deadly new First Order Stormtroopers and their speeder.

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We hope you have a good weekend full of tabletop goodness!

Don't forget to join in with the Game Designer Challenge if you have some creative ideas.

Have a great one!

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