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Rotten Tomatoes Party Game To Be Released By Cryptozoic


Rotten Tomatoes: The Card Game is based on the movie review website. This should be an interesting party game title that places two to twenty players in the role of the critic.

Celebrate DC Deck-Building Game’s 10th Anniversary


To share in the triumphant huzzah, they have headed over to Kickstarter for some exclusive releases focussing on the new standalone expansions.

Three New Steven Rhodes Twisted Titles Are Now On Kickstarter


The gates of the dark and retro worlds have re-opened for Volume 2, bringing players three new warped board games all wrapped up in a tidy box.

What’s Next for Wild West Exodus?! + Has Hero Forge Met A Worthy Opponent?! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We get a look at the brand new trailer for the Showdown at Retribution and talk about some exciting plans coming up for Wild West Exodus and our Global Gunslinger League!

Cryptozoic Announces Three Steven Rhodes Board Games


Let's Summon Demons? Don't talk to Strangers? Let's Dig For Treasure? These are not advice slips. These are new board games upcoming from Cryptozoic Entertainment, based on the work of Steven Rhodes. 

DC Deck Building Game – Updates On Rivals, Rebirth & Injustice!


It seems like an age since there has been some new content for the DC Deck-Building Game, with fans eagerly awaiting new heroes, new systems and growth to see their favourite DC Heroes play out some epic battles on the tabletop. With recent news from Cryptozoic Entertainment, it has now been confirmed that there will be no more releases in 2021, however, there are already some products confirmed for 2022 that will excite fans looking to build their decks for both Rivals and Injustice. 

Lasso & Punch Foes In New WW84: Wonder Woman Card Game


What do you call more than one Wonder Woman? Is it Wonder Women? Wonder Womans? I digress, the popular movie Wonder Woman 1984 is getting its own Card Game, allowing you up to four players to take the role of Wonder Woman to fight off the baddies and save the innocents in distress. 

The Dark Knight Returns To Kickstarter Soon With Cryptozoic


Cryptozoic Entertainment are going to be bringing Batman out of retirement with their new board game for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

Cryptozoic Rebirth The DC Deck-Building Game At Gen Con 2019


Cryptozoic have announced that the DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth is on its way to GenCon, seeing simultaneous release at the event and at retailers on August 1st.

Cryptozoic Cast Magical Spells In Wizard Words


Wizard Words is a new real-time cooperative word game coming from Jeff Lai and Cryptozoic Entertainment which seems like it would be perfect for a gathering of friends over drinks.

Show Devotion To Your Deity In Cult: Choose Your God Wisely


The end of the world is nigh! Choose your deity wisely — there are a lot of dark and powerful entities sleeping deep within the souls of people... You need to summon and empower your deity faster than your rivals.

Cryptozoic’s Pickle Rick Rolls Out At This Summer’s Cons


Cryptozoic are once again adding to their range of Rick and Morty games with the release of one based on what may be the show's most famous episode: The Pickle Rick Game.

Let’s Play: Giant Killer Robots – With Billy From Battle Foam!


Justin loves GKR, so when Billy from Battle Foam asked Justin to teach him a new game this city smashing robot experience from Weta Workshop was the obvious choice!

Cryptozoic Build On Rick & Morty Line-Up With New Deck-Builder


Cryptozoic is going to be adding to their line-up of Rick & Morty tabletop games with a follow-up Deck-Builder to Close Rick-Counters Of The Rick Kind.

Let’s Play: Giant Killer Robots – Heavy Hitters


Let's Rumble!

Rick & Morty: Anatomy Park Game Coming From Cryptozoic!


Somewhat late to the party I started watching Rick & Morty last year after one of the Boot Camps. Well, I was hooked and the show truly is fantastic watching.

Become A Super Villain In Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game


Ever want to try your luck at being the super villain trying to pull off the ultimate heist? Now you can in Batman: The Animated Series Dice GameSteve Jackson Games and Cryptozoic along with DC Comics.

350 New Games Debuting At Gen Con From Board Game Geek


Boardgame Geek has put together a list of an impressive 350 new games to check out at Gen con this year! If you didn't think Gen Con was overwhelming before, this should tip the the scale.

Cryptozoic Remind Us Who To Call With Ghostbusters: The Board Game II


Cryptozoic has just launched the stand alone sequel to its very popular Ghostbusters: The Board Game, and it's live and bustn' through stretch goals already! Ghostbusters: The Board Game II brings players into the scenarios we have come to know and love from the second movie as the Ghostbusters find themselves toe to toe with Vigo the Carpathian.

Cryptozoic Create A Crisis With New DC Deck Building Game Expansion


It's time to once again save the DC universe from Crisis as Cryptozoic will be releasing the third Crisis Expansion set for the DC Deck Building Game tomorrow!

Weekender: Chatting Warpath, Anarchy Stencils & Win Deadzone


We're back with a jam packed Weekender where we dig into some of the awesome news that popped up during the week.

Resume Testing With The Portal Board Game By Cryptozoic


Cryptozoic's Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game is now available so you can resume testing within the Aperture Science facility...

Cryptozoic’s Ghostbusters Board Game Now Shipping


Cryptozoic have shown off some of the contents of the finished Ghostbusters Board Game that successfully went through a Kickstarter project a few months ago. Take a look at some of the miniatures and more from within this rather chock-o-block box...

Cryptozoic & Don’t Panic Games Bring Attack On Titan To The Table


Cryptozoic Entertainment and Don't Panic Games have joined forces to acquire the license for the hugely popular manga and anime title, Attack on Titan.

Ghostbusters Board Game Pops Up On Kickstarter!


See what you think of this Ghostbusters Board Game that COULD be coming your way from Cryptozoic later this year if they get the funding!

Forever Evil DC Deck-Building Arrives December 3rd!


Being bad has never been more fun! December brings the villains to the front with Cryptozoic's new deck building game, Forever Evil! DC fans can play as the forces of evil as they battle for Victory Points.

Co-operative Play Comes to DC Crisis Deck Building Game


DC brings an all new cooperative element to their Crisis deck building card game. The expansion pack offers new game variants as well as new super heroes for competitive play.

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