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Otherworld Miniatures

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Otherworld’s Death Knight Mounts Up On New Wyvern!


Otherworld Miniatures have added just two new miniatures to their collection of 28mm Fantasy figures to use when roleplaying, skirmishing and more. Leading the way, we have a mighty Death Knight that could work as a villain for your campaign!

Otherworld Grow Their Dark Tower Miniatures Collection


Otherworld Miniatures have added some new 28mm Fantasy miniatures to their official Dark Tower Collection. They have produced two new characters that appear in the Dark Tower Module and The Chosen Sons Of Set from Goodman Games.

Otherworld Release New Kobolds & Heroes For Dungeon Delving!


Otherworld Miniatures has released a host of new miniatures for those diving into a bit of 28mm Fantasy dungeon delving. We start with the release of a new set of Kobolds who are going to be rampaging around dungeons stealing all your gold.

Community Spotlight: D&D Nostalgia, Dark Age Rules & World War I Germans


Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great-looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week... ...make sure […]

Otherworld Miniatures’ Cleric & Ranger Fight A New Medusa!


Otherworld Miniatures have a few new releases for you to take a peek at that can get dropped into the mix during dungeon delving adventures. We start with a couple of new Fantasy heroes that you can drop into your games. 

Community Spotlight: Shadowy Rangers, SAGA Vikings & A Conquest Army


An adventure into the world of Rangers Of Shadow Deep, some Fantasy Vikings for SAGA and a finished Hundred Kingdoms army for Conquest!

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Can Miniatures Games Learn From Board Games?


Come and join Gerry, Ben, Free and Justin for another episode of Cult Of Games XLBS where we're diving into more hobby and asking about the blurring of the lines between miniatures wargames and board/card games. 

Otherworld Unleash Magic, Elves & Giant Slugs On Fantasy Adventurers


Otherworld Miniatures has been showing off a few new releases for those looking to expand their collection of models for use in Fantasy tabletop adventures. If you're into roleplaying games then the folks at Otherworld (usually) have something for everyone.

Hasslefree Preview The Lioness Of Brittany & More New Miniatures


Hasslefree Miniatures has been working away on some new miniatures for a variety of different companies and also something for themselves too.

Otherworld Miniatures Introduce The Dagonites To Their Dungeon


Otherworld Miniatures have quite a few new monsters to add into your dungeons for when you go delving.

Weekender: Blood Bowl Revamped; Could It Be The Best Edition Yet? Win Two Teams!


Today on OTT Weekender! We are checking out the new edition of Blood Bowl! Could it be the best edition yet?

Otherworld Unleash More Demons & Adventurers On To The Tabletop


Otherworld Miniatures dropped a bunch of neat new releases for those going on Fantasy adventures during this isolation period.

Weekender: FoW Campaign Launching Soon & Anarchy Airbrushing Skills!


Come and take a trip with us into the tabletop world with another episode of The Weekender talking airbrushing stencils, Flames Of War campaigns and more!

Relive The Clash Between Beowulf & Grendel With Otherworld


Paul Muller has sculpted up some awesome takes on Beowulf & Grendel from the epic Anglo-Saxon poem which has ignited the imaginations of many for centuries.

Otherworld Unleash New Monsters On Dungeon Delvers


Today we're going to be having a look at the new monsters and more that they also released over the weekend.

Otherworld Go Questing With Evil Adventurers


We're checking out a massive array of new adventurers added into the mix by Otherworld Miniatures today.

Go Hunting Dragons With Otherworld Miniatures’ Collection


Come and take a peek at the meangerie of Dragons that Otherworld Miniatures has to offer on their webstore!

Otherworld’s New Death Knight Defends A Dark Dungeon


Otherworld Miniatures have released a new set of miniatures for your dungeon delving. Leading the way is a new version of their Death Knight!

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