Otherworld Unleash New Monsters On Dungeon Delvers

February 12, 2019 by brennon

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Yesterday we looked at the new dungeon-delving adventurers from Otherworld Miniatures. Today we're going to be having a look at the new monsters and more that they also released over the weekend. The first is a crazy creature, the Cockatrice.

Cockatrice - Otherworld Miniatures

The Cockatrice is one of those classic monsters that has been added into the mix by Otherworld, building on an extensive range of creatures. I love how mad it looks and it would be great to bring such a traditional creature into the mix.

Next up we have a creature that could very well play with your player's heads. Meet the Doppelganger.

Doppelganger - Otherworld Miniatures

I've done some fascinating stuff before with a Doppelganger, throwing it into the mix as a character that they've met before but isn't quite the same in strange, subtle ways. This is a fun way to suddenly turn an ally into an enemy and start making players suspicious of everyone they meet in the tavern!

The Dead Are Summoned

As well as these creatures above the team also worked on some new undead creations, raised from the depths by a Necromancer. The first set are their Lesser Zombies which look perfect, lurching forward to claw at your brains.

Lesser Zombies - Otherworld Miniatures

I like that they have been decayed and torn apart, no doubt by those that turned them in the first place or other adventurers cutting them apart in previous adventures. Some classic poses here work to evoke the horror of seeing these creatures stumble out of the shadows.

If you want to throw a zombie hulk into the mix we also have this Greater Zombie who looks like he might have torn apart some fellow with a big sword.

Greater Zombie - Otherworld Miniatures

Someone has clearly tried to bring this chap down and not succeded! I love this in miniatures as it begins to tell a story, offering up a narrative that unfolds and potentially giving players a chance to add some storytelling into their fights. Perhaps the fighter wants to try dragging that sword out of the zombie and using it themselves!

Treasures & Captives

All dungeon delving is focused around quests and Otherworld Miniatures added a few new pieces into the mix to help with this. The first is a Captive Princess who has no doubt be dragged away by some nefarious villain and needs saving.

Captive Princess - Otherworld Miniatures

She has a very classic look to her, reminiscent of artwork from Conan and the like. Nowadays there are fewer Princesses that need rescuing but I like the idea of turning things on its head and perhaps throwing a curve ball here. Maybe she's actually a Vampire or an Evil Sorceress who lures you into a false sense of security before unleashing all hell on you!

Maybe the dungeon you've delved into is actually a sanctum keeping her from using her powers. The Captured Princess piece below could be where she has been shackled and the dead guardians who watch over here aren't lost adventurers and robbers but instead Paladins and Clerics who were left here to guard her.

Captive Princess (Altar) - Otherworld Miniatures

You could even have one of the guardians wearing this Magical Armour which Otherworld also released this weekend.

Magical Armour On Stand - Otherworld Miniatures

I love the idea of throwing some bits and pieces together in an adventure which looks normal, to begin with but has a neat twist at the end, making the players question what they're doing and who their allies are.

Are you going to be picking these up?

"Maybe the dungeon you've delved into is actually a sanctum keeping her from using her powers..."

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