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Rule As Sci-Fi Shogun In Starship Samurai Expansion


It's a giant space battle with Japanese samurai-robot-mechs.  This is going to be epic.  

Plaid Hat Bring New Heroes to Guardians’ Roster In The Uprising Pack


More heroes are lending their unique abilities to Plaid Hat's card game Guardians in the upcoming Uprising Hero Pack.

Gen7: A New Frontier For Plaid Hat Games


Fans of Dead of Winter will be ecstatic to hear that Plaid Hat Games have released a new Crossroads format game, and it's out of this world.

Plaid Hat Games Enter The Dreamscape with Comanauts


Plaid Hat Games has announced yet another board game with Comanauts! Based on the very successful mechanics that drove Stuffed Fables we're now entering the dreamscape of Dr Strobal’s mind.

Plaid Hat Get You Hero Battling In Guardians Card Game


Plaid Hat Games had another game announcement recently with Guardians, their new card game, coming to tabletops soon.

Plaid Hat Games Introduce New Game, Neon Gods


Plaid Hat Games have a new game for you to check out, Neon Gods. It has you indulging in blisteringly colourful gang warfare in the far future. 

Plaid Hat Games’ Starship Samurai Board Game Now Available


Plaid Hat Games' new board game, Starship Samurai, is now available for you to snap up from them and at retailers.

Let’s Play: Stuffed Fables


It's time to get our inner child out in this beautiful game of friendship, adventure and adversity in Stuffed Fables from Plaid Hat Games.

Plaid Hat Expand Crystal Clans With Fire and Light


Plaid Hat Games have announced two new clans will be joining the original six of Crystal Clans, letting you follow paths of Fire or Light.

Weekender: Prepare For The Resurrection Of Confrontation & The Best Dr Who?


Plaid Hat Games Introduce Us To The World Of Starship Samurai


Plaid Hat Games have introduced their newest big board game, Starship Samurai. Yep, the name already conjures up an awesome image and from the looks of it, it won't disappoint.

Become A Seasoned Stuffie As Plaid Hat Ramp Up The Difficulty On Stuffed Fables


Plaid Hat Games' board game Stuffed Fables is a really fun, narrative experience suitable for all the family. However, some players have been hankering after something a bit more challenging.

Weekender: A Creepy Awful Orphanage & Kickin’ Ass In Rambo: The Board Game!


Stuffed Fables Launches From Plaid Hat Games


It's time to tell new tales as Plaid Hat Games released Stuffed Fables.

Weekender XLBS: Gamer Gifts & Marvel On The Tabletop


Hobby chatter and Christmas gift ideas!

Plaid Hat Fill Your Nightmares With The Villains OF Stuffed Fables


Plaid Hat Games have taken a look at the terrors that await players in the adventures of Stuffed Fables.

Plaid Hat Tell A Bed Time Story With New Game Stuffed Fables


Plaid Hat Games have new story telling board game up for pre-order, letting you explore the nightmarish world of a bed time story; Stuffed Fables.

Two Deluxe Expansions On The Way For Ashes From Plaid Hat


Plaid Hat Games and Asmodee are getting ready to unleash two new deluxe expansions for their beautiful card/dice game, Ashes.

Eurazeo Annual Results Give Insight Into Board Game Giant Asmodee


The investment group, Eurazeo, recently posted their 2016 annual results, which is of interest to us gamers as Eurazeo hold a controlling investment in board game giant, Asmodee.

Weekender XLBS: Having Fun Gaming In The Dark!


As well as delving into a jam-packed week full of news we also have a chat about whether or not gaming in the dark is a good idea! We'll let you be the judge...

New Plaid Hat Legacy Game SeaFall Goes On Pre-Order


Plaid Hat Games have announced that their new and eagerly awaited Legacy game, SeaFall, is now available for pre-order.

Plaid Hat Talk Dead Of Winter Expansion On Epic Gaming Night


Plaid Hat Games have talked about their new Dead Of Winter expansion called The Long Night which will make things ten times more difficult for the survivors in this awesome game.

Mice & Mystics On Tabletop – The Adventure Continues


Tabletop continue the adventure in the second part of their Mice & Mystics playthrough by Plaid Hat Games. The enemies are getting tougher and the heroes have to work together in order to survive. This is still one of the best dungeon delving adventure board games out there...

Tabletop Go On A Mice & Mystics Adventure


In the current series finale of Tabletop Wil Wheaton and his family go on an adventure with the utterly charming and fantastic board game, Mice & Mystics by Plaid Hat Games. If you haven't given this a shot yet you're missing out.

Plaid Hat Opens Pre-Orders For Ashes: Rise Of The Phoenixborn


See what you think of these early previews for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn by Plaid Hat Games which puts you in the boots of spell-slinging mages making custom decks filled with interesting incantations.

Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop Buddies Find Themselves In The Dead Of Winter


Wil Wheaton and friends get themselves stuck in a cold apocalypse surrounded by zombies. Do you think they will survive on this episode of Tabletop?

Pre-Order Plaid Hat’s Stealthy Board Game Spectre Ops!


If you like the idea of bluffing your friends and racing around a board trying to track down a stealthy spy then Spectre Ops from Plaid Hat Games might appeal to you!

Head Outdoors With Mice & Mystics Downwood Tales!


Mice & Mystics is getting its first big boxed expansion called Downwood Tales! Will you take on these new adventures?

Plaid Hat Games Reveal Rules For Dead Of Winter


Learn about the best ways to undermine your friends and complete your secret objectives with the rules for Dead of Winter now online.

Plaid Hat Games’ Dead Of Winter Available For Pre-Order


Will you be able to survive the Dead of Winter in the new game set to cause arguments and role-playing meta-gaming aplenty from Plaid Hat Games.

Watch It Played Teach You The Ins & Outs Of Siege Of Columbia


Check out Watch it Played! as they go through the rules and set up for Siege of Columbia.

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