Plaid Hat Fill Your Nightmares With The Villains OF Stuffed Fables

November 10, 2017 by dracs

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Plaid Hat Games have taken a look at the terrors that await players in the adventures of Stuffed Fables.

The King of Nightmares

No adventure would be complete without some maniacal villain, and in Stuffed Fables that role is filled by Crepitus, the Nightmare King.


Crepitus rules over the land of the Fall, a sinister place filled with discarded and forgotten toys. From his toy factory / fortress, he sends out terrors to haunt the dreams of children.

Mechanical Minions

Crepitus commands a number of different minions. First, lowest of the low, are the Crawlies.


Crawlies are like hermit crabs, and have a tendency to sneak into children's bedrooms and steal their belongings. They wouldn't be too bad to face, except they make their homes in doll heads and that's just CREEPY! Then there are the Mongrels.


Made for the Nightmare King's daughter, they now serve as his hounds, relentlessly hunting down any who oppose his will. Finally, we have the Dark Hearts.

Dark Hearts

Dark Hearts almost manage to be adorable. Almost. But unfortunately, they are missing a vital something, and as such inspire terror in your stuffed adventurers.

All of these monsters have pretty imaginative designs and fit well with the dark fairy tail style of Stuffed Fables. Now we just have to wait to see what boss monsters emerge from our dreams.

Do you think you will be playing Stuffed Fables?

"[Crepitus] sends out terrors to haunt the dreams of children..."

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