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Big Stompy Robots Coming To Dystopian Wars


Some BIG stompy robots are coming to Dystopian Wars. These Dreadnought Class Robots were previewed over on the Spartan Games Fan Page showing off models for the Blazing Sun, Prussian Empire and Covenant Of Antarctica...

Get Reinforcements For Halo: Fleet Battles Miniatures Game


Spartan Games' hit game Halo: Fleet Battles is expanding their fleets with these upgrades.

Weekender: Team Yankee & The Bolt Action Summer Offensive


Weekender XLBS: Talking 3D Printing, Laser Cutting & Horus Heresy Plastics


We're talking 3D Printing & Laser Cutting with Killian and pondering on the future of Horus Heresy With Games Workshop and those new plastic models. Try Backstage For Free!

Spartan Games Strike From The Skies In Firestorm Planetfall


Spartan Games have shown off what's flying in to support your ground troops for all of the factions in Firestorm Planetfall which is their ground combat game. See what you think of the models within which are looking exceedingly awesome...

Weekender XLBS: Halo Ground Combat Game & More!



Weekender: Halo Fleet Battles Special!


More Details Appear On Halo Fleet Battles From Spartan Games


Spartan Games have shown off what's going to be inside the Halo: Fleet Battles - The Fall of Reach which is a lot. We really didn't think there were going to be so many ships involved but this is sounding more awesome by the minute...

Spartan Games Show Off Their June 2015 Firestorm Releases


Spartan Games have shown off what's coming to both Firestorm Armada and Planetfall next month in June. There's a whole range of new ships and a rather epic looking walker too...

Halo: Fleet Battles Coming From Spartan Games This Summer [Updated]


A new image has popped up online and in the forums thanks to @inhumanbookworm showing off the reveal that Halo: Fleet Battles by Spartan Games will be hitting the tabletop come Summer 2015...

Spartan Games Makes it Easier For You to Play Dystopian Legions


Spartan Games wants you to play their game Dystopian Legions and now they are making it easier for you to play.

Spartan Games Bombard Us with Upcoming Releases


Spartan Games have announced new releases for Firestorm Planetfall, Dystopian Wars and Dystopian Legions, bringing out all manner of goodies for each of these great games.

Spartan Show Off More Ships of Halo’s Covenant and UNSC


Spartan Games are coming up with yet more miniature designs taken from the popular Halo video games. Now we get to see some of the new ships, both large and small, that we can expect to see in the Covenant and UNSC fleets.

Halo Waypoint Talks Scale & Design With Spartan Games!


See more details on the ships and design choices for the various Covenant and UNSC ships that you'll be playing as when the new Spartan Games Halo wargame pops up!

Spartan Take Their Kickstarter to Ancient Greece with New Models


Spartan Games are throwing some minis into the mix of their modular terrain Kickstarter as they bring out new add ons all themed around the classical mythology of ancient Greece.

Spartan Move To 20 Days Left For Their Modular Terrain Kickstarter!


See how Spartan are shaping up as they unveil more about the plans for their Modular Terrain that is still looking for a lot more fundraising on Kickstarter. Have you been won over by some of their updates?

Spartan Games & Microsoft Team Up For Halo Miniatures Game!


Spartan Games Grabbing The Halo License For Future Wargames?


Are Spartan Games going to be bringing real Spartans to the tabletop? The new logo that appeared on their website is certainly pointing to it!

Spartan Sail Out Dystopian Wars 2.0 Rules as Free Download


It's time for you to don your admiral's cap and take ready of the steampunk fleets and armies of Spartan Games' great miniature game of epic scale combat as Dystopian Wars 2.0 rules head out as a free download.

Spartan Show the Sidekicks of Dystopian Legions


Spartan Games have new miniatures preparing for Dystopian Legions and have shown off two of the sidekicks accompanying the heroes onto the battlefield.

New Firestorm Set & More Planetfall For Spartan In 2015


Check out the new two player starter set coming your way for Firestorm Armada in January of 2015 alongside a host of new releases for the Planetfall factions as well!

Spartan Bring Back The Dog For Dystopian Legions


Spartan Games show off another sidekick today with Werner Hahl and his faithful pooch Glucklich. What do you think of this mechanically powered pooch?

Hold That Pose With New Betty For Dystopian Legions


See what you think of this rousing addition to Dystopian Legions with Betty for the Kingdom of Britannia. Do you think you'll be taking these sidekicks into battle with you?

A Relthoza Tank Destroyer Scuttles Into Planetfall


Spartan Games have put out another Planetfall preview, showing the interestingly insectoid Relthoza Tank Destroyer.

Spartan Games Showcase More Planetfall For 2015


2015 is shaping up to be quite the awesome year for tabletop gaming and Spartan Games have shown off some renders of the cool walkers, tanks and flyers that will be hitting the battlefield for Planetfall.

Spartan Games Preview Both French & Antarctican Aggressors!


It's time to turn the steampunk valves to eleven with some more previews for the world of Dystopian Legions and two forces that will be fighting it out in their upcoming starter set for the game.

Spartan Games’ Planetfall Terrain Gets Previewed!


Spartan Games have shown off some more of the Terran Alliance for Planetfall and they've delved into the scenery that you'll be seeing for the game.

Spartan Send In The Awesome Walkers For Planetfall!


We're getting a lot more previews of the Planetfall miniatures coming through and they are looking very cool indeed. What do you think of these mechs?

The Dystopian Kingdom Of Britannia Get A Halifax Bomber


Get ready to drop some very big bombs on your enemy as the Halifax Bomber drones into view above the battlefields of Dystopian Wars.

Spartan Games Detail New Starter Set For Dystopian Legions!


Delve into quite the adventure as the French take on the Covenant of Antarctica in Operation Iron Scorpion for Dystopian Legions.

The Drone Of Dystopian Wars Bombers Sounds In The Sky


Start thinking up your perfect bombing run with the massive Federated States of America Heavy Bomber that will be hoving into view.

The Veydreth Alliance Fleet Hoves Into View From Spartan


Spartan Games have put together a new look fleet for the Veydreth Alliance. Is Firestorm Armada on the top of your list of space faring games to play?

Spartan Games’ Firestorm Planetfall Mechs Spotted Online


See what you think of some of the massive mechs coming to Planetfall from Spartan Games!

The Ba’Kash Battle Carrier Flies Into Firestorm Armada


See what you think of another preview for Firestorm Armada with the Ba'Kash Carrier roving into view through the star systems of Spartan Games.

Canadians, Poles & Chinese Machines For Dystopian Wars!


There is a lot of chugging and puffing of smoke coming from the world of Dystopian Wars. See what you think of the Chinese, Canadians and Polish forces coming out of Spartan Games.

Two Alliance Nations of Firestorm Armada Sail into the Stars


Spartan Games are releasing two new fleet starter sets of alliance nations to join the battles of Firestorm Armada.

Aquan Prime’s Battle Tank Makes Planetfall at Spartan Games


Spartan Games are currently hard at working bringing the mighty space battles of Firestorm Armada down to earth in Planetfall and have just revealed the Main Battle Tank fielded by the forces of Aquan Prime.

Spartan Games Call In A Directorate Gunship For Planetfall


See what you think of another painted preview from the folks at Spartan Games. Planetfall is looking better by the image and this is just one Gunship!

Spartan Games’ Firestorm Planetfall Gets Painted Up!


Delve into more awesome sci-fi battles with the (hopefully) soon to be released selection of troops, trucks, tanks, walkers and more for Planetfall by Spartan Games.

Russians and French Join the Battles of Dystopian Legions


Spartan Games have put out a sneak peek for fans of Dystopian Legions of two new foot soldiers, serving in the armies of French and Russians.

New Aerial Groups Conquer The Dystopian Wars Skies


Take to the skies with a whole new selection of Aerial Battle Groups coming out of Spartan Games for Dystopian Wars. Which Empire will dominate the clouds?

Gather The New Dystopian Wars Battle Groups With Spartan


Spartan Games is really pushing the boat out with their updated selection of Armoured and Naval Battle Groups for Dystopian Wars. See what you think of these new sets that will be available soon...

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