The Ba’Kash Battle Carrier Flies Into Firestorm Armada

July 21, 2014 by brennon

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Spartan Games leave the world of steampunk and head into the deep dark of space. See what you think of the Ba'Kash Battle Carrier for the world of Firestorm Armada...

Ba'Kash Battle Cruiser

Ba'Kash Battle Cruiser (Rear)

That is quite the marvelous looking creation and I love pretty much everything about it. All the angles are ace and the detail across the different plates would work so nicely with washes. Combine this with the ace looking front weapons and you have quite the menacing looking spacecraft.

It's pretty HUGE too when you look at the measurements in the top image!

Will you be taking to the stars with this Ba'Kash Carrier?

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