The Weekender: Arcworlde’s Realms Explored & Win A Battle Foam Backpack

December 9, 2017 by crew

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Welcome to the December fueled Weekender. This week we've got a Century of articles from Oriskany and a well deserved look into ArcWorlde from Warploque Miniatures.

The Weekender: Arcworlde's Realms Explored & Win A Battle Foam Backpack

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Let's dive in!

The 3rd Annual Game Awards

Last week we had a spectacular live show with our very own community nominated Awards for the year of 2016, if you missed the live show, you can watch it here. We also had a fantastic behind the scenes look into what goes on during the run-up towards the show with our in-house documentary.


Make sure to comment on this weeks episode of the Weekender to win yourself an amazing Battle Foam Privateer Press Back Pack. Plus we have a huge list of prizes to award later in the show; such as Aristeia! Week, Starfinder & SteamCon.

To be entered to win you need to let us know, which event in 2018 would you most like to take the Battle Foam Privateer Press Back Pack to.

We also have a few Competitions still running on the site, make sure to get your comments in with Core Space from Battle Systems and the Jesserai Terrain from 4Ground.

The Oriskany Century - 100 Articles on Beasts of War

Next up we have a personal interview with our very own community member @Oriskany to talk about the journey we've taken together, collaborating on various articles of historical, fantasy and a little bit of sci fi for the tabletop.

You can find the entire list of all Oriskany's articles at the bottom of this post.

What's been your favourite article?

In the News

This week we've had some amazing pieces come from Privateer Press and Middle Earth gets a little love, where's Ben when we need him?!

Warploque Miniatures Realms of "ArcWorlde"

Az get's to sit down and talk with Alex from Warploque Miniatures about his early start to working with miniatures in his youth, rebuilding models from scratch and successfully growing his own company through a variety of great Kickstarter campaigns to create what we know today, ArcWorlde.

Wallets at the ready!

We take a look through two beautiful Kickstarters such as:

The “Oriskany Century” Articles List

1.  Four Levels of Wargaming: Wargaming at different levels of scale and command; Tactical, Command Tactical, Operational, Strategic

2.  Wargaming in the Pacific:  What makes World War II wargaming in the Pacific different than battlefields of Europe, Russia, Africa?

3.  Making the Game Your Own: Star Wars Pocket Models: Turning the WizKids “Star Wars” Pcket Models TCG into a tactical miniatures game

4.  Battle of the Bulge 70th Anniversary:  A historical “deep dive” with a day-by-day, week-by-week, wargaming on the 70th Anniversary

5.  World War 2.5:  World War II “restarts” between the Soviet Union and the Western Allies in 1946.  “Hard” alternate history.  Includes free wargame download.

6.  World Wide D-Day Challenge:  Collaboration with Chris Goddard and BoW, replaying the Normandy campaign with a global series of wargames

7.  Desert War:  An overview of World War II wargaming in the deserts of Africa and the Middle East

8.  War in the Ukraine 2014-15:  A look at the Modern Wargaming in the Ukraine War, using Force-on-Force to examine modern asymmetrical warfare

9.  Cruiser Actions, WW2:  Collaboration with Simon Stokes and Robert Hutton on navak warfare, focusing on cruiser surface actions of World War II

10.  Anatomy of an Air Compressor: Collaboration with Nakchak on air compressors for hobby airbrushes.

11.  Force on Force: Collaboration with Darren Oliver on Force-on-Force, the wargame system for post-1945 (“modern”) conflicts

12.  American Revolution:  Collaboration with Chris Goddard on Wargaming in the American Revoltion (American War of Independence)

13.  Oriskany 50:  A retrospective on the first fifty articles

14.  Battlegroup:  A look at Battlegroup system for World War II miniatures by IronFist Publishing, photos by Piers Brand

15.  Barbarossa 75th Anniversary:  A wargaming look (Battlegroup and PanzerBlitz) at the German Invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941

16.  BattleTech:  Reviewing the FASA / Catalyst Game Labs “Battletech” sci fi wargame and universe, still one of the most successful sci-fi wargames in history

17.  Operation Sea Lion:  A “hard alternate history” look at the possibilities for a German invasion of England, 1940

18.  Sands of El Alamein:  Focus on the battles surrounding El Alamein in the Desert campaign in World War II, presented to support Flames of War 4th Edition and the Flames of War Bootcamp

19.  Heroes of the Great War:  Looking at a Kickstarter for an operational campaign game on the Eastern Front of World War I, “Heroes of Limanowa.”

20.  Midway – 75th Anniversary:  Collaboration with H.J. Seijmonsbergen, commemorating the anniversary for this pivatal naval battle in the Pacific War

21.  Six Day War - 50th Anniversary:  The 1967 Six-Day War between Israel, Syria, Egypt, and Jordan

22.  Battlesystem – Exploring the Fantasy Genre: Collaboration with Craig Pauls, using TSR’s Battlesystem 1st Edition.  A look at a new player exploring a new genre

23.  Dunkirk Week: Collaboration with Warren and Gerry, a themed week about wargaming the operations surrounding the Allied evacuation from Dunkirk in the summer of 1940

24.  The History of Team Yankee: Collaboration with Ben Collins and Dave Wheeler on the 1980s background of theoretical World War III scenarios between NATO and the Warsaw Pact

25.  Saratoga Campaign:  A focus on the 1777 Saratoga Campaign of the American Revolution, using 20mm Battlesystem 2nd Edition.

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