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5th Edition Dungeons and Dragonsn Thread

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    I thought this would be fun and cool to discuss so copy and paste.


    Role: Dungeon Master (if player, race and character class ūüėČ )


    Playing Since: Playing RPGs since 2004.


    Location: Co. Clare, Republic of Ireland


    Campaigns: Lost Mine of Phandelver (Complete), Storm King’s Thunder (almost complete)


    Playtime: Two and a half years


    Number of Players: Five (formerly seven)


    Last D&D Product Bought: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything


    Next to Buy: Not sure. Possibly a Blue Dragon Miniature for a Final Boss boss fight!


    Other: Im loving this edition. I played 3.5 but found it clunky, boring and not fun. This edition is amazing, simpler, deeper, quicker, more fun and streamlined. I hope this edition never ends! I want to get as much for it as I can because I want to and that has me super enthused and excited! Im also loving the wave of celebrity d&d groups taking the internet.

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    Role: Player Female Elf Cleric and for now I also control a Female Tiefling as the player left the group


    Playing Since:¬†Playing RPGs since sometime in the early 90’s, possibly 1992 but can’t remember exactly.¬† Played all D&D versions from Ad&D 2nd Edition onwards.


    Location: Manchester, UK


    Campaigns:¬†For 5E – Forgotten Realms.¬† I’m not going attempt to list everything I have played since 1992.


    Playtime: Current Campaign has been going a couple of years now but with some breaks.  Originally started with 3.5 (because 4E sucked balls) and have recently moved to 5.


    Number of Players: Four (formerly Five)


    Last D&D Product Bought:¬†Probably something for 3.5.¬† I don’t personally own any 5E products. I did buy a miniature from the Waterdeep Heist range, does that count?


    Next to Buy:¬†Nothing, I play 5E because that’s what thee GM wants ru but honestly I’m not massively impressed with it.¬† More likely to focus on extras for Conan RPG


    Other:¬†I have mixed views on the game.¬† Mechanically it’s easy and I quite like that.¬† The advantage/disadvantage system is pretty cool and personally I prefer it to the flat +2 bonus/penalty system of old.¬† The action rolls are almost unchanged since 3E, only the means of calculating the target number has changed – but it ain’t broke so why fix it?
    On the other hand I hate character creation and development.¬† It’s so strongly definited and offers very little choice to the player.¬† It’s OK for beginners but after 27 years of gaming I need more than it offers.
    I hate the action structure of Move/action/Bonus action.¬† It’s definitely inferior to 3.5 and is probably one of the most confusing aspects of combat with all the caveats of what can and cannot be performed depending on what you have and have not already done.
    It also still feels a bit Boardgamey with wording like “an opponent’s reverse edge”.
    Add to that there’s a few things that I think are intrinsic to D&D that have been there forever that I don’t think are going away and so I can’t level those criticisms at 5E but they include the scaling between levels (Hit POINTS, Damage Output, money) and the alignmen system.



    Looks like my sort of thing, so here goes ūüôā

    Role: Dungeon Master (player in other RPG games)

    Playing since: Playing RPGs since 1991.

    Location: Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

    Campaigns: Too many to recount, mostly custom ones which are a lot of work but ultimately more fun!

    Playtime: Almost weekly for last 18 years – usually only a couple of hours a session

    Number of players: Five

    Last D&D Product Bought: D5E Ranger Spell Cards

    Next to buy: Possibly D&D Spellbook Cards Monster Deck 6-16 (74 cards) or Volo’s Guide to Monsters

    Other: We are enjoying 5E, a very relaxed and streamlined ruleset. Love the straight forward advantage/disadvantage ruleset, dislike the low magic setting which makes magic item values difficult to define but we work around it. Our current campaign is set in Golarion (Pathfinder setting). We have enjoyed the D5E mechanics so much one of the group has run a few small alternate custom RPG systems based off it for his own Viking and post apocalyptic settings.

    I love 5E, and although I still participate now and then in a friends 3.5 campaign, and I used to love the Pathfinder ruleset, I doubt we will divert from 5E for a long time. A great D&D ruleset for any gaming group, despite being relatively simplistic. For those looking at something similar to 3.5 or Pathfinder, it may however feel too light on customization for player characters. For those with a bit of nostalgia for the early D&D releases, it may be just the ticket.

    As an aside I am hanging out for Pathfinder 2.0 for a more crunchy ruleset as sometimes you just want all the flavours in a power tripping basket! ūüėÄ

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    @spaced2020 when you say you dislike the low magic setting is the game or specific to the setting you’re in?¬† We’re still relatively low level in our game so magic items hasn’t really been an issue yet and not being a GM I haven’t looked into what is and isn’t available in Forgotten Realms.



    @onlyonepinman – 5E is Forgotten Realms but it’s less about the setting or number of magic items and more to do with the monetary value they aren’t assigned. D5E determines magic items are so rare, no one really trades/sells them so they are not given a monetary value but an seemingly arbitrary rarity value with a suggested value range, ie Rare = 501 to 5000gp. Not so bad for experienced D&D veterans but annoying, especially if you prefer to allow room for a lot of magic items, which my players prefer.




    Role: Dungeon Master (Cleric is my favorite class on the very rare occasion when I do get to play)


    Playing Since: Playing RPGs since the summer of 1980


    Location: Metro Detroit area, Michigan, USA


    Campaigns: Almost exclusively home brew content for the last almost twenty years, I do throw the occasional store bought idea or adventure into the mix.


    Playtime: Well, almost 40 years but I think you are asking something else here.  I run 5e for three different groups, between them we meet almost every Friday and Saturday night, we take one of each off each month for some private/family time.  Our sessions are usually 5-6 hours long, they use to be 7-9 when we were younger.


    Number of Players: Group one has 5, group two has 4, group three(my “veteran” group that the has been together for 21 years now) has 5 although 1 player is new to the group and the game.


    Last D&D Product Bought: Literally just bought Dungeon of the Mad Mage this morning.


    Next to Buy: Not sure. Nothing left that I want to buy for 5e of which I am aware.


    Other: While I do like this edition for its streamlining and ease of play I find the “dumbing down” of magic spells and a few of the combat rules a little annoying.¬† I am still not sure why but advantage and disadvantage REALLY wear on me during play.

    One of my favorite systems to play in is GURPS and one of my groups is switching back to that at the end of their current campaign, which should wrap up around the end of February.



    I think that traditionally in D&D you absolutely need magic items as you progress through the levels.  And in a similar tradition, magic items have always been sort of common place in d&d, certainly in Forgotten Realms and Eberron.   Will be interesting to see how my own game pans out in that respect.

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