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Help wanted – Identy these classic necromunda minis + others

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    A friend just handed me a large box of unwanted minis.  I’ve identified the Warmachine minis but theres a load of classi necromunda minis. I am mostly unfamiliar with Classic and modern Necromunda so I’d love some help identifying his stuff, and knowing if it has a modern equivalent, or what I could do to make it usable in the current rule set, and what base size it would come with these days.

    Group 1:


    Group 2:


    I think G2 Row D are spares from the Beastclaw Raiders Start Collecting box?

    I’d love it if I ended up with 2 comparable starting gangs to paint up (How many models is that anyway?).  Would give me and a friend a chance to demo the new game and then add to our gang with newer models if we get in to it.  To be honest, a lot of the new designs don’t do it for me as much as the older ones used to anyway.

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    Looks like you’ve got a spread of three Gangs. Escher, Orlock and Delaque. Except G1 3B, he’s a bounty hunter.



    This site is a good resource for identifying old Necromunda minis

    unfortunately your photograph is showing up too small for me to really be able to see what you’ve got but A6 is an Escher with a lasgun, I think A8 is an escher with bolt pistol & grenade,

    and in the second photo you’ve got a weapon sprue B5


    currently the modern game has Escher, Goliath, Van Saar, Cawdor, Delaque & Orlock gangs plus Palenite Enforcers who are the police/private army of the ruler of the Necromunda Hive city. The most recent ‘starter’ box has also introduced the Corpse Grinder Cultists  who are a totally new thing

    they all run on 25mm bases except Goliaths who are on 32mm





    A1 -A8 Escher

    B1 Escher

    B2 Escher needs A7 + A8 from group two

    B3 Bounty Hunter

    B4-B7 Orlock

    B8 Delaque

    C1-C3 Orlock

    C4-C6 Delaque

    C7 Bounty Hunter

    C8 Delaque

    D1 Delaque

    D2 Delaque pair with B4 Group 2

    D3-D8 Orlock plastics

    group two

    A1 – A6 Orlock starter plastics

    B1-B3 look like Pit Slaves, but so dark I can’t be certain

    B5 pistol sprue from bottom left, las pistol, auto pistol, auto pistol, knife, knife, stub gun, auto pistol, las pistol.

    B6-B8 Orlock plastic arms

    C1 broken shotgun

    C2 ??

    C3 Orlock plastic arms

    C4 Gripping Beast viking sheathed sword

    C5 dagger provenance unknown

    D1-D5 GW random plastic


    Cult of Games Member

    Cheers guys.  Once again, Gerry seems to know every mini ever made.  Do the weapons they’re carrying matter?  Might that mark some of them as non-viable if they’re carying something they no longer can?  Or doesn’t necromunda work that way, ie a pistol is a pistol, doesn’t matter what type?

    Right now thats 10 Escher, 19 Orlocks, 7 Delaque, 2 bounty hunters (Are they characters or generic?) and I think Group 2 B1-B3 are human bloodbowl players.  One is holding a ball and the others have what looks like oven mits on.  Dunno what teams there were, but they’ve got to be empire or britonian or something.  I’ll go through that collectors guide at lunchtime tomorrow and see if I can make more sense of everything.



    in old Necro the weapon they were armed with mattered, but that could change so often my group never bothered with exact WYSIWYG, bounty hunters are generic, with the black boys are rocking oven mitts then definitely sounds like bloodbowl players.


    Cult of Games Member

    The idea that you had to chop arms off your minis and give them new weapons or injuries etc between games always seemed really bad to me.  Once I’ve painted a mini I am not doing more work to it and I really don’t want to buy a new one every time it levels up or gets hurt.

    I think I’m going to have to read through the new rule books before gluing any weapons on anyone or painting anything to help me understand what I want to do with these.  Good think I have a bazillion other minis to paint first.


    Cult of Games Member

    Group 1

    A1: Escher with autopistol & sword, but the sword has been chopped off and replaced with a plastic bolt pistol

    A2: Escher with autogun & stub gun

    A3: Escher Leader with boltgun & laspistol

    A4: Escher juve with stub gun & pick

    A5: Escher with shotgun

    A6: Escher with lasgun 1

    A7: Escher with lasgun 2

    A8: Escher with bolt pistol & grenade

    B1: Escher with laspistol & flail

    B2: Escher heavy – heavy stubber (??)needs A7 + A8 from group two

    B3: Bounty Hunter 3

    B4: Orlock juve with autopistol

    B5: Orlock Leader with boltgun & axe

    B6: Ganger, GW95.  not in catalogue with knife and shotgun??

    B7: Orlock juve with stub gun

    B8: Delaque juve with stub gun 1

    C1: Orlock with autogun 1

    C2: Orlock with shotgun

    C3: Orlock with autogun 2

    C4: Delaque with shotgun 1

    C5: Delaque with lasgun 1

    C6: Delaque with autogun 1

    C7: Bounty Hunter 1

    C8: Delague Leader with boltgun

    D1: Delaque with lasgun 2

    D2: Delaque heavy – heavy stubber pair with B4 Group 2

    D3: Orlock Plastic Sprue with possible autopistol??

    D4: Orlock Plastic Sprue no weapons

    D5: Orlock Plastic Sprue no weapons

    D6: Orlock Plastic Sprue No weapons

    D7: Orlock Plastic Sprue with possible autogun??

    D8: Orlock Plastic Sprue Knife and missing arm


    Group 2

    A1: Orlock Plastic Sprue with lasgun???

    A2: Orlock Plastic Sprue with knife and

    A3: Orlock Plastic Sprue with knife and

    A4: Orlock Plastic Sprue with knife and

    A5: Orlock Plastic Sprue no weapons

    A6: Orlock Plastic Sprue with knife and

    A7: for model above

    A8: for model above

    B1: Bloodbowl player

    B2: Bloodbowl player

    B3: Bloodbowl player

    B4 for above model

    B5: Weapon sprue, clockwise starting from botton left: las pistol, autopistol, autopistol, knife, knife, stub gun, stub gun, las pistol

    B6: 2x Laspistols???

    B7: 2x shotguns??

    B8: Stub gun???

    C1: Broken gun part


    C3: 2x bolt pistol???

    This post will keep being updated until it is complete.  Please help me ID the missing entries.  I am currently working from the link orlandothetechnicoloured gave me above

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    • This reply was modified 5 months, 4 weeks ago by  lawnor.

    Cult of Games Member

    I am skim reading the books “Underhive” and “Gang Warfare” trying to work out whats still “legal” in the current rules.  Would I be right in thinking that when building an Escher gang I can only equip using the items listed in their section of Underhive (page 88), but between matches I can visit the trading post (P30, Gang Warfare) and buy stuff they did not have access to at gang creation, or can I start with equipping them with the larger selection from Gang Warfare?

    Are there other books I should be looking at?  Right now out of the 10 Eschers I have, only 4 appear to be new gang ready, 5 if I restore A1’s sword.  Thats $565/$1500 starting cost for 4 Gangers and 1 Leader, before extras.  I suppose if I was just playing casually there’s nothing stopping me playing with the extras I shouldn’t have access to yet,but I do like playing rules as intended, especially when getting my first taste.

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