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Cult Of Games XLBS: Raiders Of The Lost Tabletop Gaming Ark!


Come and join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS. In this episode, we're discussing hobby, easy-to-learn games and look back in time to miniature ranges which have been lost to the mists of time.

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Old Games Would You Dig Up?


We're back for another Cult Of Games XLBS where Ben, Gerry and Lloyd are venturing into the topic of extinct games which should maybe be given a chance to return to life!

Community Spotlight: Primarchs, Sherwood Saviours & Dark Age Dragyri


We're delving into the projects and the forums today to have a look at more of your amazing painting!

Pick Up Aren & His Playthings For Dark Age


Whilst this set has been out for a while we didn't actually get to talk about it when it did! Aren & His Playthings was one of the latest sets to release from CMON for Dark Age.

CMON Tease New CORE Character For Dark Age


CMON has teased another character for the world of Dark Age. Here we have a first look at the new model for Aren. This fellow is a Bounty Hunter that will soon be finding a place in the wasteland.

Face The Toxic Cult & Skarrd Creatures In Dark Age This Month


Dark Age welcomes new models for the Skarrd, Brood and Outcasts this month. So, let's get stuck in and see what weird and wonderful creations have come to life.

New Skarrd Releases Take Over Dark Age This Month


A whole bunch of Skarrd Releases popped up this month for Dark Age. As well as a revamped Command Box they also got a whole bunch of additional support as well.

CMON Is Introducing The AdeptiCon VIGs To Dark Age


The VIG Swag Bags are going to be amazing at this year's Adepticon! CMON is loading the bags with Dark Age goodness, as VIG's will find themselves in possession of a 2 Player Starter Set AND sourcebooks for this brilliant game.

Deadly New Releases For Dark Age This February


The Dark Age crew have some awesome New Releases on the way for February for you to check out.

Massive New Wave Of 2018 Releases For Dark Age


The world of Dark Age is welcoming all manner of fascinating new releases and more for 2018.

Weekender: River Horse EXCLUSIVE & Win A Dark Age Starter Set


River Horse reveal their next big project coming in 2018!

Weekender: Win Galactic Terrain & Necromunda Exhumed!


Beasts of War 3rd Annual Awards coming soon! LIVE Friday 1st December 9PM, be there or be square!

Cold Winter Winds Blow With New Dark Age Ice Caste Releases


Some new releases are coming your way for November thanks to the guys behind Dark Age. This time their focus is on the Ice Caste and the Dragyri.

Weekender: Win An Epic Chain Of Command Bundle & Warhammer Shadespire Favourite Factions


Dark Age Dragyri & Brood Stride Forth For October


Dark Age welcomes a whole host of new releases across the month of October with a collection of new packs for the Dragyri Shadow Caste as well as the first appearance of The Brood on the tabletop as well in their new guise.

Weekender: Win An Epic Joan Of Arc Dragon & Resident Evil 2 Exclusive News


We Get A Dark Age Update On The Brood In 2017


The folks working on Dark Age give us an update on the situation with The Brood going forward throughout the rest of 2017 in their latest update.

Dark Age Welcomes New Skarrd To Gen Con 2017


The minds behind Dark Age are bringing the Skarrd to the tabletop for Gen Con 2017. A new raft of releases will be coming out for you to check out.

Meet & Learn Of The Dark Age Haniel Ranger


Leading the way for the Dark Age forces of the Forsaken we have the Haniel Ranger being previewed over on their website.

The Earth Trembles As New Dark Age Releases For June Hit


Some new releases are making their way onto the tabletop for Dark Age this June and they centre around some of the new Dragyri and also a boxed character for the Forsaken too.

The Brood Slither & Shuffle Their Way Into Dark Age


The folks behind Dark Age have previewed what's coming for the Brood over the rest of 2017 and into 2018. Take a look at some of the renders below showing off this creepy collection.

Dark Age Releases For May Include New Master Rulebook


Dark Age welcomes another raft of releases this month to add to their world of desperate danger and turmoil. Leading the way, however, is something a little more ordered as they have a new Master Rulebook for you to snap up.

Weekender: Future Blood & Plunder Crews + Win Massive RE-LOAD Prize


We chat with Firelock Games about the future of Blood & Plunder and much more!

New Earth Caste Characters Wake From Their Slumber For Dark Age


A lot of the different factions have been covered for Dark Age but one of them that really tempts me at the very least is the Dragyri and the Earth Caste.

CMON Expo & Dark Age Brood Updates In 2017


We got to sit down with Bryan to talk more about the future of Dark Age and the new Brood updates that you can look forward to in 2017.

Weekender: World Of Darkness Hits Berlin & Battling In Westfalia’s Strongsword


Back in the saddle talking all things tabletop.

Weekender XLBS: Hobby Night Live Plans Afoot & Flames of War 4th Edition Tournament Chat!


Dark Age March Releases Hit With The Mighty Goliath


The new releases for March have popped up online for Dark Age and they include some absolutely amazing looking miniatures.

Weekender: 4Ground’s New Fantasy Game & Steampunky Age Of Sigmar Dwarfs


Join us to talk about the new 4Ground Miniatures Game AND some big Games Workshop news too!

New Dark Age Starter Set & Events from CMoN at AdeptiCon 2017


We're talking with Bryan Steele from Cool Mini or Not about the new releases from Dark Age.

New Dark Age & Wrath Of Kings Distributor Comes On Board For The UK


DiaCash UK is going to be bringing both Wrath Of Kings and Dark Age to the shores of dear old Blighty as they have sealed a deal to start work on it this year!

Take A Look At The Future Of The Dark Age Forsaken Faction Boxes


The Dark Age team has been giving us a few looks into the future of their faction boxes. The faction getting the treatment today is the Forsaken.

New Path To Glory Two-Player Starter Set Coming For Dark Age


The minds behind Dark Age have previewed their new Two-Player Starter Set for the game which will be launching on March 23rd for you to snap up and get stuck into this awesome Sci-Fi world.

Weekender: Roboute Guilliman Is Back! What’s Next For Warhammer 40K?


Join us for another weekend of awesomeness as we delve into news and more from the world of tabletop gaming!

The C.O.R.E’s L1ghtbr1nger Leads Dark Age’s February New Releases


The world of Dark Age welcomes some fantastic looking new miniatures for both the C.O.R.E and the Shadow Caste Dragyri.

February’s Dark Age Releases Hit Tomorrow


The world of Dark Age is going to be hit with all manner of new releases tomorrow for a number of different factions. This preview from earlier in the week gives you a taster of what you can look forward to.

Weekender: Steamforged Talk Shadow Games & Epic Elite Dangerous RPG!

6 years ago 127

We've had a big week as we talk Shadow Games (and more) with Steamforged. You could win your own copy of the game too!

January Welcomes The C.O.R.E & More Shadow Caste To Dark Age


Dark Age hits back with a vengeance as we march through January and a new year. Leading the way we have a new C.O.R.E Starter Set so you can bring your robotic minions to the tabletop ready to crush those stinky meat bags.

Dark Age Releases An Important Announcement For Players


Posted On Dark Age's Facebook Page is an announcement about basing for the Faithful.

Dawn Of The Dark Age: Dragyri Show Down – Fire Caste Tricks & Tactics


We're here for another installment of Dawn Of The Dark Age and learning some Fire Caste Tricks & Tactics.

Dawn Of The Dark Age XLBS: Dragyri Show Down – Ice Caste Tricks & Tactics


We're now Backstage for Dawn Of The Dark Age looking at some Ice Caste Tactics you can use on the tabletop.

Weekender: Epic Kickstarters Go To War!


Join us for The Weekender today where we're unveiling the winners of Hobbyween and diving into a mighty battle on Kickstarter!

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