Weekender: 4Ground’s New Fantasy Game & Steampunky Age Of Sigmar Dwarfs

March 18, 2017 by lloyd

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Join us this weekend for a show chock full of awesomeness as we discuss Games Workshop news from GAMA, give away some GKR: Heavy Hitters goodies AND talk about 4Ground's new miniatures game.

Weekender: 4Ground's New Fantasy Game & Steampunky Age Of Sigmar Dwarfs

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Without further ado let's dive in!

AdeptiCon Next Week & Competition Winners

Remember to stay tuned for next week as we focus in on AdeptiCon which will be covered by Gianna and Dawn over the four days beginning on Thursday.

If you want to learn more about the run up to this event you can check out AdeptiCon Talks.

We also have some competition winners as we announce who got the XL Hobby Box AND the Battlefront goodies from the Flames Of War 4th Edition Launch Weekend Blog. Remember to Claim Your Prize!

Comment To Win GKR: Heavy Hitters Goodies

As well as the giveaways from last week we have some prizes for this week too. We are giving away two unbuilt and unpainted Heavy Hitters from the game (currently on Kickstarter) as well as a comic book and sticker set.

Watch Our GKR: Heavy Hitters Let's Play

Two people can win so get your comments below on BoW, on Facebook or on Youtube.


We zero in on some of the news that caught our eye from GAMA this week...

What do you think about these new announcements from Games Workshop?

Exploring The Legends Of Fabled Realms

We stop in with the 4Ground guys who are just dying to tell us about their new Fantasy miniatures game, The Legends Of Fabled Realms.

The premise behind this game is fantastic and we'll be discussing the factions, the game mechanics and more.

Check Out Weekender XLBS Tomorrow

Make sure to come back tomorrow as we're going to be discussing the new A Song Of Ice & Fire Miniatures Game from CMON as well as giving away some 4Ground goodies that haven't been seen before.

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We hope you join us tomorrow and...

...have a great weekend!

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