Strikezone: Wotan Infinity Campaign Now Live!

May 29, 2017 by lloyd

It's about time for us to embark upon a new Infinity campaign alongside Corvus Belli as we launch Strikezone: Wotan!

Strikezone: Wotan Infinity Campaign Now Live

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This campaign will see you battling across numerous theatres of war in deep space across different phases, charting the ebbs and flow of this narrative and the fates and fortunes of your factions.

Strikezone Wotan Infinity Campaign Ships

Strikezone Wotan Infinity Campaign Factions

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What Is Strikezone: Wotan?

To find out more here's a bit of information on the Wotan Blockade...

"The Wotan Blockade, as with any other Jump Gate blockade, is characterised by an operating attitude of defence and control. Supervising each wormhole opening and checking every ship crossing them it turns out is necessary.

The registration and inspection of space traffic are carried out through electronic and multispectral means, tracking the possible presence of Shasvastii ghost micro-ships, Remora ships hidden in the hull of human ships, or Trojan Horses: units provided with physical camouflage to make them look like human-made ships. Even so, a physical inspection is also carried out.

Boarding forces check stores and hold, as well as confirm the identities of both crew and passengers in every ship trying to cross a hole and access the Human Sphere.

The Wotan Blockade is the last bastion, the last defensive barrier of the Human Sphere within the system that prevents EI forces from entering Svalarheima, jeopardising the life of millions of civilians living on that planet. You are here to reinforce it. There is no greater responsibility in the Paradiso theatre of operations."

More information on this and the other theatres of war can be found HERE and over on the Strikezone: Wotan website which details each of the installations you can battle on.

Throughout the coming weeks, you will be able to battle for your faction across the different theatres, vying for control of them and making a name for yourself as a veteran. It all starts with you making sure you...

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This will then give you access to Help & Getting Started Guides as well as the Campaign Documents which will let you know what you need to do each phase and during your missions.

Getting Involved

As we mentioned above you simply need to Register Here and you will get access to everything you need. Throughout the event, you can then...

Strikezone: Wotan is a fantastic opportunity to tell a great story in the world of Infinity and influence the unfolding narrative with your games. Throughout the campaign, there will be updates on all manner of topics including battle report analyses, prizes to be given out, and much more besides.

You can also, right now, go and order yourself a Strikezone: Wotan Army Bundle at a 50% Discount from Corvus Belli. This is a perfect chance to get yourself an army and have fun with a few mates.

Strikezone: Wotan Army Bundles

We hope you all get involved and it will be fun seeing this evolve over the coming weeks.

Let us know if you'll be playing below!

"Throughout the coming weeks, you will be able to battle for your faction across the different theatres, vying for control of them and making a name for yourself as a veteran..."

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