Die Hard Working On Mighty Unearthed Storm Forged Dice

November 30, 2019 by brennon

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Die Hard Dice is working alongside Jake Stormoen of The Outpost and Mythica fame on a series of rather badass-looking dice which could be a nice option for Dungeons & Dragons players.

Unearthed Dice

The set of dice are made to look epic, grim, brutal and as if they have been through the wars. I think that these look as if they could have been relics from a Fantasy world, used by a Fighter or Mage in an actual tavern if you want to get a bit meta.

Bloodline Dice

The collection of dice have been named as Bloodline, Leviathan and finally Sage.

Leviathan Dice

These dice would be great when themed to particular classes too I reckon. I like my green but it would be a nice fit for Druids, Clerics and the like. The blue would be nice for mages and spellcasters whilst the red would be good for Fighters and those who like getting a big wild.

Sage Dice

As I mentioned before, these dice have been crafted in line with Jake Stormoen who is a proper geeky nerd like the rest of us. It's well worth checking out his projects for The Outpost and Mythica.

What do you make of the designs on these dice and would you snap them up?

"What do you make of the designs on these dice and would you snap them up?"

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