Pendraken Miniatures Reinforces Rome’s Enemies

October 3, 2019 by avernos

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Pendraken Miniatures have shown off their latest 10 mm releases for ancient battles. These Dacian and Sarmatian horsemen are the final packs for the range that Pendraken will be offering up within the next week.

Pendraken Dacian and Sarmatian

In case you are having difficulty in making out the contents we have the greens a little closer up to see what is represented here. There are three sets of cataphractii, who would be ideal to represent Sarmatians.

Pendraken Armoured Cataphracts

The Sarmatian cavalry were renowned for the ferocity of their charge, which could easily burst through all but the steadiest line of infantry or cavalry, and in an open field could be unstoppable. Armed with a 10–12 ft heavy spear called a contus, which is literally a barge pole, even the Romans respected their charges.

The pack of fully armoured cataphracts is accompanied by two more, a half armoured unit and an unarmoured pack.

Pendraken Half Armoured Cataphract command

These three packs will allow you to mix the units or to easily determine which unit is which depending on the system you are playing, and how you are choosing to field your shock cavalry.

Alongside these mainline cavalry are the light horse bowmen. Used as skirmishers or for scouting and screening purposes every general should have some of their ilk to protect their flanks and harass your opponents weaker sides.

Pendraken Horse archers

These packs will soon be joining the other recent sculpts to allow a full Dacian army to take the field.

Pendraken Dacian Infantry

The Dacians and their allies were a thorn in the Roman Empires eastern flank for many years until finally brought to heel by Emperor Trajan in two massive campaigns but prior to that they had repulsed many expeditions against them over the years, and even when finally part of the Empire they still found the time to do some light raiding on the side.

Will you be building a column to your achievements against them?

"even when finally part of the Empire they still found the time to do some light raiding on the side."

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