Pick Vampires Or Skeletons With New ArcWorlde Kickstarter!

October 31, 2023 by brennon

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Not content with just running one Kickstarter to celebrate the growth of ArcWorlde as a 32mm Fantasy Wargame, Warp Miniatures have another campaign running right now focused on a spooky Starter Set, the Duel Of The Dead!

Duel Of The Dead Kickstarter - ArcWorlde

Duel Of The Dead Kickstarter // ArcWorlde

The Duel Of The Dead focused on a two-player Starter Set that includes two new warbands for you to use in your games. You can also get the warbands separately if you'd prefer in both metal and resin, depending on your preference. On the one side, you have the dashing Vampires!

Vampires Starter Warband - ArcWorlde

Vampires Starter Warband // ArcWorlde

This set comes with two Vampires, perhaps a husband and wife team, alongside their faithful Manservant. They are joined by a flock of three Crypt Bats that are going to be swooping across the tabletop causing all sorts of problems no doubt. I really like the look of these miniatures (as always when it comes to Warp Miniatures!) which are packed with character and a good dose of comedy.

The second of the sets features the arisen Ancient Dead that have been called to fight once more!

Ancient Dead Starter Warband - ArcWorlde

Ancient Dead Starter Warband // ArcWorlde

This set comes with one Grave Lord, disturbed in the midst of their slumber, and five Skelts that serve as his minions. This is capped off by the Barrow Hound that you can send out to snack on people's ankles! I really like the awesome designs on the shields that the skeletons are using here and the wisps of magic really help sell the fact that they have been brought back to life via magical means. It's a small thing but helps to tell the story and build on the narrative of the set.

Both of these sets can also be bundled together into this Starter Set which gives you the dice and campaign booklet that allows you to play out this undead scuffle!

Duel Of The Dead Starter Set - ArcWorlde

Duel Of The Dead Starter Set // ArcWorlde

All the rules for ArcWorlde are available for you to get your hands on for FREE so you can go and see if the game is going to be for you before you dive in. There is even a nifty Print & Play Starter Set so if you want to try the game out with the "miniatures" you can do that too.

Bonus Miniatures!

Some awesome miniatures have also been added into the mix to supplement both of these warbands. For example, the Vampires can get themselves this awesome Werewolf!

Werewolf - ArcWorlde

Werewolf // ArcWorlde

I always like seeing people make Werewolves and this one is bloomin' awesome. You can get a lot of werewolves that are very weird when it comes to their proportions but I feel like Warp Miniatures have nailed it here.

On the other side of things, you can also get yourself the hulking Bone Goliath that is no doubt going to crush everything that the Grave Lord wills!

The Bone Goliath - ArcWorlde

The Bone Goliath // ArcWorlde

Another fantastic miniature and a brilliant addition to the collection. Personally, I'm a fan of the Wild Elves from ArcWorlde but I think there's something very special about The Ancient Dead and the way they have been designed. I think it's the ace Celtic/Nordic work on the armour that helps to sell it for me!

There is more to discover over on the Kickstarter Page including more Vampires, alternative sculpts for miniatures in the sets and even a Bog Magus!

Could you be tempted by this new Kickstarter from Warp Miniatures?

"I think there's something very special about The Ancient Dead and the way they have been designed..."

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