Weekender: Infinity Campaign Update & Guild Ball’s Blacksmiths Explored

July 1, 2017 by lloyd

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It's time for The Weekender as we get stuck into talking all about Infinity and the Wotan Campaign and learn all about the Blacksmith's Guild in Guild Ball too!

Weekender: Infinity Campaign Update & Guild Ball's Blacksmiths Explored

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Let's get stuck into a big show...

Competition Winners & Catch-Ups

First off we have some updates. So, firstly you should keep an eye out for the Fabled Realms content coming out over the next couple of weeks. Keep up to date with TheTerrainTutor's work too!

We also have the new Kickstarter Watch thread which will be running featuring what's new each week on the Kickstarter front. Keep an eye on it and support Andy with his work.

Now we announce some winners! Firstly, the Blood & Plunder Week winners are...

Edu Lora (Facebook), Breacher (BoW), Mark Tarver (Youtube)

...and the UK Games Expo Winners in full!

Doctor Who: Exterminate & Test Of Honor (neoscream) Two One Player Starter Sets Of Your Choice (battlehawk) GeekNSon Event Goody Bag (morreion) RumbleSlam Base Game,  Two Addition Teams, Event Exclusive (alninio) Heroes Of Normandie Pointe Du Hoc & Kharnage Devil Pig Army (redredwhitered) Sea Wolf Frigate Kit (harigeri) H.P. Lovecraft For Beginners (jmrecoil) Lost Expedition (dogma2097) 3x Bushido Buildings, Trees & A Pack Of Carts, + Building Moss (norgalad) Two Bushido Starter Sets, A Rulebook + 4Ground Terrain (legodwarf) A Cosy Dice Satchel With Print Of Their Choice (halfmileduck) Lee & Clementine Expansion Pack (thebloke) Collision Event Exclusive Miniatures (tmon) Food Truck (beeff86) Battle Systems Dungeon Core Set (darthcheese) Nine Realms (otakugirl) Ice Cool (flatbattery) 7TV 1976 Annual (deadhead) Guild Ball Kick Off! Set + One Team Of Your Choice  (zoidpinhead) Cthulhu Dice Set (spaced2020) Imps (comoran) Deep Cut 4×4 Beach Mat (timmoth) Guards Of Atlantis (lordbob) SLA Industries RPG & Event Exclusive Miniature (baranora) AvP Second Edition & Event Miniature (carabus) WWX Mystery Bundle (kbog)

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Infinity Wotan Campaign Update

Warren talks with Carlos about some of the updates for the Wotan Campaign for Infinity talking about different battle reports and more.

If you want to get involved this is going to be a fantastic campaign packed with action.

News Time

We get stuck into some news from this week...

...did anything catch your eye from this week's news?

The Tactics Of The Blacksmith's Guild

We talk about the tactics and ways in which the Blacksmith's Guild can be used as one of the new factions coming to the world of Guild Ball by Steamforged Games

Kickstarter Time

Look ahead to some Kickstarter campaigns worth considering...

...do any of these make their way onto your Kickstarter watch list?

We hope you enjoy a weekend of gaming!

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