The Butcher Is Unleashed For 10 Years Of Warmachine

August 13, 2013 by brennon

It's been ten years since Warmachine started and to honour the occasion Privateer Press are looking to make it all a bit special with the Butcher Unleashed...

Butcher Unleashed Collection

This limited edition set comes with the Butcher and two Khador-ised Argus. He even has all the statistics to use him on the battlefield.

Butcher Unleashed Diorama

Butcher Unleashed Argus

As a new Khador player I have seen the Butcher in action and I know how awesome he is. I also know how epic Argus can be too! The set comes with a nice art print too which is an update of the old cover!

It looks like a pretty awesome set and it's going to be available from Gen Con both at the event and online.

Will you be joining the Butcher?

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