Unboxing: Celestial – Episode 1 The Hidden Void | Diemension Games

September 25, 2023 by avernos

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Gerry takes a look at a prototype for a massive board game in Celestial: The Hidden Void, an upcoming Kickstarter from Diemension Games, that blends Asian mythology, high-tech science fiction, and body horror.


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In this "first episode" for the upcoming Celestial boardgame there is an absolute mountain of plastic miniatures that really stand out as something far removed from the usual designs we see. The game plays in several ways, a story-driven scenario-based campaign that can be played competitively or cooperatively, and a full-on PVP version with list-building that allows you to pick and choose from any of the Celestials big or small.

As it is a prototype some things are still a work in progress, the campaign book and lore book being prime examples, but from what I can see it's already pretty solid and the design and production of the models is amazing so hopefully it comes through in the finished product.

What do you make of the Celestials?

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