New Sword & Sorcery Kickstarter, Abyssal Legends! One Week Left!

July 18, 2023 by brennon

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Ares Games have launched their new Kickstarter for their Sword & Sorcery range. This time, the Fantasy board game action has you facing down Abyssal Legends in a new set of adventures for those diving deeper into their campaigns.


Abyssal Legends Kickstarter // Sword & Sorcery

In this new adventure for Sword & Sorcery, Abyssal Legends has your band of immortal heroes sailing to the anchorage of the Ancient Mariner port to investigate a mysterious death. Within the Heavenshine Monastery, you'll find more than you bargained for as you seek the source of a shared vision of a sunken city and nightmares filled with blasphemous tentacles! The Great Elder One awaits you as you dive deep into a brand new story which adds Cthulhu mythos vibes to your Sword & Sorcery adventures.

Abyssal Legends Expansion - Sword & Sorcery

Abyssal Legends Expansion // Sword & Sorcery

If you've not played Sword & Sorcery before, it's a cooperative Fantasy board game where you take control of between one to five players with their own unique powers. These heroes of legend have been recalled from the dead and are now sent to embark on new quests to save the world. Because they were weakened during their resurrection, they will grow and develop as you play in the same way as a traditional hero.

Sword & Sorcery // Abyssal Legends Kickstarter Trailer

Abyssal Legends then takes things to the next level with the addition of whole new enemies to face, the deadly Lovecraftian creatures of Cthulhu mythos and some quirky quests including some underwater adventures.

Another core element of Abyssal Legends comes into play when you're heading out sailing on your ship. You'll use this to venture out in search of adventure but you'll also have to keep it shipshape when you get attacked by enemies. You won't get far if they keep putting holes in your hull!

Taking on more deadly foes also means that you'll want to employ the use of blackpowder. This becomes a whole new Fighting Style in Abyssal Legends where you'll be using cannons but also a range of smaller firearms through the clever use of cards. Blasting your foes away and managing your ammo well is going to be key to victory.

As you delve deeper into Abyssal Legends you'll also find yourself facing your fears and perhaps taking on Phobias! This might be something as simple as tweaking the way your turn works or you could turn into a nightmarish horror!

Sword & Sorcery - Abyssal Legends Pledge Levels

There are two pledge levels for you to go for if you're looking to dive into Abyssal Legends. The first of these is Abyssal Hero which gives you a Kickstarter Edition of Abyssal Legends which contains twenty detailed 32mm miniatures, the rulebook, the storybook, twenty map tiles and more. You also get special items and all of the unlocked Stretch Goals and Mystery Goals which get revealed as the campaign powers on.

Abyssal Legends Pledge - Sword & Sorcery

Abyssal Hero Pledge // Sword & Sorcery

The exclusive elements come in the form of the Abyssal Lord figure which is your Master Enemy and comes as a glow-in-the-dark version with a crystal water base. You also get the Abyssal Dice Tray and Critical Bag, the Abraham Hero, Abyssal Minions and the Ancient Chronicles 1.5 Upgrade Kit. It's a pretty good little bundle for Sword & Sorcery fans.

Kickstarter Contents Updated - Sword & Sorcery Abyssal Legends

Kickstarter Contents (Updated) // Abyssal Legends

Update: The Kickstarter contents have now been updated for Abyssal Legends allowing you to get more for your pledge if you dive in. The Hunting Horror was one of the awesome Mystery Goals that was included as part of the campaign plus even more content! You've got the new Abyssal Mysteries Cards and the Ancient Dungeon for you to dive into. More is going to be unlocked and added as the campaign powers on and moves into its final week.

You can also go for Abyssal Champion which offers everything from the Abyssal Hero pledge but also throws in the Ancient Chronicles Core Set, the Act II Northwind Tales Campaign Set and an exclusive set which introduces the Valkyrie Hero, Myst, the Elf Knight On Foot, deluxe Maps and deluxe Hero Sheets.

Abyssal Champions Pledge - Sword & Sorcery

Abyssal Champions Pledge // Sword & Sorcery

Additionally, and is always the way with big projects like this, you can also get your hands on a bunch of Add-Ons from previous campaigns as well as new offers for Abyssal Legends. Whatever you go for, you're going to get your hands on loads of Sword & Sorcery goodness.

Update: Some of those Add-Ons include some champions for you to use in the game when you're seeking heroic individuals to tackle the deadly menace.

Asteria Hero Pack - Sword & Sorcery Abyssal Legends

Asteria Hero Pack // Sword & Sorcery: Abyssal Legends

Tristan Hero Pack - Sword & Sorcery Abyssal Legends

Tristan Hero Pack // Sword & Sorcery: Abyssal Legends

Each of the Hero Packs comes with options for using the individuals as a Hero, Ghost, Mercenary and Nemesis in your games. So, you can have a lot of fun with these and even if they're not being heroic, they might end up being part of some villainous scheme! You can also get some additional accessories like these lovely Metal Crowns. Who doesn't like metal tokens for their games?

Metal Crowns - Sword & Sorcery Abyssal Legends

Metal Crowns // Sword & Sorcery: Abyssal Legends

If you're interested in finding out more about Sword & Sorcery, you can check out the website for the game HERE and delve deeper into the Kickstarter HERE.

Abyssal Legends Kickstarter // Sword & Sorcery

Could you be tempted to dive in and get your Sword & Sorcery fix with a new campaign in Abyssal Legends?

Drop your thoughts below!

"The Great Elder One awaits you as you dive deep into a brand new story which adds Cthulhu mythos vibes to your Sword & Sorcery adventures..."

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