Weekender: WIN New Age Of Sigmar Two-Player BATTLEBOX & Roman RISK!

February 9, 2019 by lloyd

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We delve down into some awesomeness from a full week of tabletop gaming on The Weekender as the folks from UK Games Expo join us in the studio.


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Come and get involved in the comments where you could win a copy of Carrion Empire, the new Battlebox for Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar.


The first thing we're going to be checking out is the addition of new RPG & LARP Tickets to the UK Games Expo store. There are tickets getting added every week so make sure to keep an eye out for a session that grabs your attention.

Roman RISK!

Because its Recruit A Gamer Month we had to highlight the work from bloodbeard in the community as he put together an awesome Roman RISK game for the kids at his school.

This looks like a fascinating way to include games alongside learning opportunities for youngsters and create gamers of the future.

You can follow along with bloodbeard's work here on Bloodbeard's Garage where he goes into more detail about the game each week.

Weekender: What’s On At UK Games Expo 2019 & Roman RISK!


We're delving down into some news from this week...

  • Bossk & Sabine Wren - Two new operatives drop for Star Wars: Legion
  • Sleeping Gods - A brand new storytelling game is on the way from the folks at Red Raven Games
  • Caverns Of The Frog King - Add Your Own Engine to this awesome set for younger role-players!
  • Carrion Empires - Come and check out more of what's dropping for Death & Chaos in Age Of Sigmar
  • Take The Ship - Black Site Studio show off their stunning Modern Ship for use in your games

What caught your eye from this week in the news?

What Is The UK Games Expo?

We chat with some of the minds behind the UK Games Expo learning about what it's all about as well as talking to them about the various events that they run throughout this epic weekend.

If you're wanting to come along you can get tickets HERE.


We're looking at two awesome Kickstarters spotted this week...

  • Tenfold Dungeon - Embrace adventure from Room 17 Games and check out our D&D game HERE
  • Zone Raiders - Check out this rather awesome new skirmish game!

Which of these two are you going to take another look at?

Weekender: What’s On At UK Games Expo 2019 & Roman RISK!

Competitions - Win Carrion Empire!

You could win the new Carrion Empire Battlebox from Games Workshop for Age Of Sigmar today.

Also, the winner of the Painted Sarge model for Reichbusters: Projekt Vril can be found HERE. So, make sure to come and Claim Your Prize!

Have a great weekend!

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