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Fire And Swords Expands Ares’ War Of The Ring: The Card Game


War Of The Ring: The Card Game from Ares Games is getting another expansion this year. Ian Brody's card-based take on the epic War Of The Ring will be playable by up to six players and you'll be able to add in new content for all existing player counts too.

Fight For Freedom & Honour With Ares Games’ Cangaceiros


Inspired by Brazil during the late 1800s and the early 1900s, Cangaceiros by Roberto Pestrin has you playing as the heroic bandits that stood up to the status quo and the landowners known as the Coronéis. Fight for honour and freedom in this new bandit-based board game!

New Sword & Sorcery Kickstarter, Abyssal Legends! One Week Left!

1 year ago 3

Ares Games have launched their new Kickstarter for their Sword & Sorcery range. This time, the Fantasy board game action has you facing down Abyssal Legends in a new set of adventures for those diving deeper into their campaigns. 

Mantic’s Firefight = The Best Sci-Fi Wargame? New Book, Rules & More Coming Soon! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Mantic Games' Firefight is looking like it could end up being a serious contender to Warhammer 40,000. Their 28mm scale game of the year Sci-Fi wargame set in the Warpath universe is getting a brand new expansion taking it to the next level with new miniatures, vehicles, rules and more. Is it the best Sci-Fi wargame out there?

Play War Of The Ring: The Card Game Solo With New Expansion


The War Of The Ring: The Card Game from Ares Games allows you to delve into the epic saga of The Third Age and follow the fortunes of The Fellowship is getting a new expansion later this year. Against The Shadow will turn this one-versus-one and team game into a solo or cooperative experience.

Ares Games Offer Up New War Of The Ring Board Game Accessories


Ares Games has been talking about some new board game accessories that are on the way for those enjoying War Of The Ring: Second Edition. The first of these accessories could be one that everyone picks up, the Deluxe Game Mat.

Out-Of-Print Venetian Spy Deduction Title Inkognito Returns


Ares Games are reviving a board game title that has been out of print for some time now, resurrecting Inkognito to a fresh audience. To celebrate the 100th birthday of Alex Randolph, co-designer of the original title. In a resurrection of the challenging deduction game set in the romantic age in the midst of a Venician carnival.

Ares Games Release Rules For War Of The Ring: The Card Game


Ares Games has made the rulebook for War Of The Ring: The Card Game available for download ahead of the game's releases later this year.

Let’s Play: Last One Alive | Ares Games


Gerry Justin and Shay get stuck into a Let's Play as they try to be the Last One Alive! This is an awesome dice-based card game from the folks at Ares Games filled with zombie fun.

War Of The Ring: The Card Game Pre-Orders Now Live


Ares Games has had great success in showing off War Of The Ring: The Card Game at events over the last few months. Now, pre-orders are live allowing you to get your hands on the game when the November 2022 release date rolls around.

War Of The Ring: The Card Games Goes Down Well At UKGE!


War Of The Ring: The Card Game had its debut this past weekend at UK Games Expo. Ares Games was showing off the game for the first time and it seems like it has gone down pretty well with those who got to play it. 

War Of The Ring: The Card Game To Be Unveiled At UKGE


Ares has announced on Twitter that more details will be coming next week for War of the Ring: The Card Game, including an unveiling of the title at UKGE. 

Ares Games Remasters Two Grand-Strategy ‘Quartermaster’ Titles


Ares Games are remastering Quartermaster General: 1914 for a brand new edition, alongside updated expansion for Quartermaster General WW2.

Getting Tabled Third Year Anniversary Special: Our Top 10 Games


Getting Tabled Third Year Anniversary Trailer: Tune in April 1st


EP71 Video Edition: Drop, Dungeons & Conquest


Ares Games Gives Away 10-Year Anniversary Bundle


Players will be able to get their hands on a plethora of different titles, including some good old classics and some modern best sellers.

The Best Fantasy Orcs! Has Mantic Cracked It? + Infinity’s TAG Raid Hits Kickstarter! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! Has Mantic cracked it and made the best Fantasy Orcs? PLUS, Infinity's TAG Raid hits Kickstarter.

The Thing Is Prepping To Infect The Tabletop For February 2022


Fans of the 1982 cult movie The Thing, will be intrigued to know that after a successful Kickstarter, The Thing: The Board Game will be headed to retail in February 2022.

We Subbed To Warhammer Plus; Should You? + Blood Red Skies’ Midway Set Is Hot! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We subbed to Warhammer Plus; should you? PLUS, Warlord's new Blood Red Skies Midway set is hot!

Survive The Onslaught Of A Slasher Killer In Last Friday


Consider yourself a horror fan? Enjoy the odd slasher film here and there? Last Friday is a horror board game from Ares Games, that combines hunting and social deduction that places players in the role of young campers attempting to escape the clutches of a murderer on the loose.

Ares Announce Kings Of Middle-earth For War Of The Ring


Ares Games has announced a new expansion coming to their rather immense War Of The Ring board game series. Kings Of Middle-earth will add more mighty heroes into the mix for both the forces of good and evil.

Ares Release Second Wave Of Battlestar Galactica Ships


Ares Games has now announced the second wave of Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles releases.

Unboxing: Battlestar Galactica – Starship Battles Starter Set


Justin and Sam take a quick look at the Battlestar Galactica - Starship Battles Starter Set from Ares Games.

Ares And Dire Wolf Team Up To Take Wings Of Glory Digital


Ares Games have announced that they have made a licensing agreement with Dire Wolf Digital to turn their classic game of WWI dogfighting, Wings of Glory, into a video game for PCs, phones, and tablets.

Ares Still Offering Pre-Orders For Battle Of Five Armies Collector’s Edition


With a delivery date of September 2019, the team at Ares Games are still offering up pre-orders for their The Battle Of Five Armies Collector's Edition board game.

New Ships & Pilots Blasting Into Ares’ Battlestar Galactica Soon


Ares Games has been working on some new pilots and ships for use in their Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles game.

Ares Games Release Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles Starter Set


Battlestar Galactica - Starship Battles is a combat miniature game based on both the original and reimagined Battlestar Galactica TV series.

Head Out On A New Dungeon Crawling Adventure With Sword & Sorcery


The cooperative dungeon delving experience, Sword & Sorcery, is back on Kickstarter from Ares Games with Ancient Chronicles.

Weekender: Speed Freeks; The Next Big Winner For Games Workshop?


We're talking Orkish nonsense today discussing Speed Freeks AND talking with Sally 4th about the world of Albedo Combat Patrol.

Ares Games Pre-Releasing Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles At SPIEL ’18


Ares Games are going to be pre-releasing Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles at Essen SPIEL '18. 

Ares Journey On In New Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles Kickstarter


Ares Games are going to be coming back to Kickstarter soon for a new expansion to Sword & Sorcery.

Ares Games’ Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles On The Horizon


If you've wanted to battle in space with Vipers and Cylon Raiders then you're in luck as Ares Games are going to be bringing you Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles this year, to be presented first at Gen Con!

The War Of The Worlds Hits Kickstarter In Tripods & Triplanes


Now's your chance to participate in the War of the Worlds in the latest Kickstarter from Ares Games. Tripods & Triplanes: The War of the Worlds in Wings of Glory pits the alien race against man's best flying machines.

Get Ready To Battle Some Aliens In ARES Games Tripods & Tiplanes


What if you took the lovely planes from Wings of Glory and inserted Martians? A fantastic twist on the classic, War of the Worlds - which is exactly what's on the way in Tripods & Triplanes from ARES Games.

Weekender: New Space Marine Codex & Redemptor Up Close + The Future Of Wild West Exodus


Space Marines, Wild West Exodus and much more!

Wings Of Glory Unboxing: Hurricane & Stuka


We're back for some more Wings of Glory action with the Hawker Hurricane Mk. 1 and the Junkers Ju.87 B-2 squadron packs from Ares Games.

Wings of Glory Unboxing: Battle of Britain Starter Set


Today we're taking a look at the Battle of Britain Starter Set for Wings of Glory from Ares Games.

Weekender: Andy Chambers Unveils Warforged: First Contact & BoW Annual Awards Begin!


Join us for an awesome Weekender packed with news, interviews and the announcement of the BoW Gaming Awards 2016.

Ares Games Show Off New Battle Of Britain Set For WWII Wings Of Glory


Soon to be available across the world Ares Games are showing off their Battle Of Britain Starter Set for your games of World War II, Wings Of Glory.

New Barbarian Skeld Preview Pops Up For Sword & Sorcery


Sword & Sorcery continues to come to life with a preview of Skeld, the Dwarf Berserker for the game. See what you think of him and some of his character options too.

Grab The War Of The Ring Anniversary Book, Guide & Board


Ares Games are continuing to take pre-orders for some of the components within the Anniversary Edition Of War Of The Ring 2nd Edition. See what you make of the Game Book, Guide & Board.

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