Weekender: Andy Chambers Unveils Warforged: First Contact & BoW Annual Awards Begin!

April 8, 2017 by lloyd

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Join us for an awesome Weekender packed with news, interviews and the announcement of the BoW Annual Gaming Awards for 2016.

Weekender: Andy Chambers Unveils Warforged: First Contact & BoW Awards 2016 Begin

Weekender Podcast

Also, if you won a prize this weekend make sure to check out the Claim Your Prize link to get your hands on the goodies.

Hobby Weekend Thank You

We have to give a big thank you to all the folks that came to the Hobby Weekend with The Army Painter guys to paint up our RuneWars armies.

It was a fantastic time, and we really enjoyed ourselves. You can check out FridaySaturdaySunday and then catch up with The Army Painter guys who give us their thoughts.

News Time

Make sure to check out these stories we snapped up from the week...

...what caught your eye?

BoW Gaming Awards 2016

We bring Warren into the studio to talk about the BoW Gaming Awards for 2016 and the fact that the nominations phase has now opened!

Beasts Of War 3rd Annual Gaming Awards Nominations Button

BoW Annual Gaming Awards 2016 Nomination Form

Make sure to share this around on social media and on forums (with permission of course) to see what gems we can find from an immense last year.

John's Tool Returns

We catch up with John who gets his tool out on the table once again looking at Green Stuff World's Leaf Puncher. This is great for creating a range of scatter terrain for you to use.

Additionally, we give a thank you to user @radegast6 for giving us some wonderful wet palette paper that we powered through over the Hobby Weekend.

Talking Warforged: First Contact With Andy Chambers

Coming next week we look at Warforged: First Contact from Andy Chambers. We delve into an overview of the world and just what it's all about.

We also take a look at some of the miniatures from the game that got sent in for both the Mantra and the Iron Legion.

Kickstarter Time

What's worth funding this week?

  • Tombstone - Will you be heading out for a Wild West adventure with Black Scorpion?
  • 7th Guest: Board Game - A creepy return to the retro with this board game!

Do these take your fancy and if so, which one?

Have a great weekend!

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