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First Halo: Flashpoint Miniatures Revealed! Are Mantic Games On To A Winner? #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! The first miniatures have been revealed for Mantic Games' Halo: Flashpoint miniatures game. Are Mantic on to a winner with their newly announced tabletop miniatures game which pits Spartans against Spartans in classic Halo multiplayer battles?

Temple Of The West Craft New Relicblade Legends Miniatures


Temple Of The West is now taking pre-orders for their sixth pack of Legends for use in the game Relicblade by Metal King Studio. These miniatures are crafted for the 28mm Fantasy skirmish game and voted for by members of the community!

How To Give Your Wargames A Dose Of The Grimdark!

10 months ago 8

Ben talks about diving into the grimdark and how you can enjoy yourself with the hobbying and gaming side of things! Not only is there a lot of freedom to be had when it comes to painting but you can have a lot of fun when it comes to the types of scenarios you can play out.

Dive Into Volume 4 Of Indie Wargaming Magazine BLASTER!


The awesome indie wargaming magazine, BLASTER, is now available over on DriveThruRPG. Volume 4 comes with two new and exclusive standalone games and three expansions to existing wargames. 

Why Warlord Games Need Epic Scale Ancient Miniature Battles #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Warlord Games have new releases for their Epic Battles Waterloo collection giving us more Blackpowder wargaming fun. But, is time for them to take Hail Caesar and Ancient Wargaming to this smaller scale?

Black Site Studios Release New Sludge Wargame Miniatures!


Metal King Studio's excellently grim wargame, Sludge, now has an official miniatures range thanks to folks at Black Site Studios! You can now pick up an army of the Keth for use in this black powder fantasy 28mm miniatures game.

Warhammer: The Old World; Will You Take It Back? + Build Sci-Fi Terrain In Minutes #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! Warhammer: The Old World, will you take it back? Also, we check out ace Sci-Fi terrain you can build in minutes.

Sludge War Rules & More; BLASTER: Volume 3 Now Available


BLASTER: Volume 3 is now available for you to download and get stuck into! Featuring work by Sean Sutter, Joseph McCullough, Mike Hutchinson, Ash Barker and Joseph McGuire, this is a pretty immense magazine packed with rules, expansions and more from some of the best in the industry.

Mega Blanche Vibes In 2 New Grimdark Wargames! Plus WIN Necromunda: Hive War #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We get a look at 2 new grimdark wargames which are PACKED with Blanche vibes. PLUS, we dive into all of the big tabletop gaming news from the week!

Hobby & Tinker In Metal King’s New Fantasy Game, Sludge!


"Fantasy Wargames In A Doom-Age Of Blackpowder". As taglines for games go, I think Sean Sutter has done a pretty good job with this one for Sludge.

Community Spotlight: Old & New Elves, Grimdark Warriors + Relicblade Heroes


We're looking at a mix of old and new Elves, grimdark warriors and some Relicblade adventurers this week!

Cult Of Games XLBS: Not Enough Space To Hobby?!


We have lost Gerry to something mystical called...a holiday?! In his place, we've brought Justin back into the fold to talk about the hobby and try and work out how to make enough space to hobby and game!

Weekender: WIN 40K Starter Set + Adventuring In New Frostgrave Wargaming Terrain!


Today On The Weekender! We're looking at great wargaming terrain and bits from Kromlech plus loads more from the tabletop gaming world!

New Relicblade: Storms Of Kural Starter Set Comes To Kickstarter


Relicblade is a great Fantasy skirmish miniatures game from Metal King Studio which has long been a favourite of many in the community. The new Kickstarter campaign, Storms Of Kural, brings an updated 2nd Edition Two-Player Battle Set to the tabletop.

Dive In Deep With Metal King’s New RelicBlade Releases


Metal King Studio are joining in with the sales as they offer up a bunch of models that would have been available at Adepticon this week.

Squid Slayers & Scaly Mercenaries Coming To RelicBlade Soon


Metal King Studio has been showing off what goodies are coming to RelicBlade soon.

Weekender: Star Wars Skirmish Rules & Latest Batman Miniatures


We're exploring more awesomeness from the tabletop world including a sexy young Viking that Lloyd might want to take home with him!

Metal King’s New RelicBlade Seeker’s Handbook Coming Soon


Metal King Studio has been showing off their new Seeker's Handbook which is available for pre-order right now and will be dropping in early December.

Metal King Tease New Warden Of Justice For RelicBlade


Metal King Studio has teased a new miniature for the Temple Of Justice in their fantastic Fantasy skirmish game, RelicBlade.

Metal King’s RelicBlade Bounty Hunter Picks Her Target


Metal King Studio has been showing off some of the great looking characters that are joining warbands in RelicBlade, ready for adventure.

Metal King Take You On A New Kickstarter RelicBlade Expedition


Metal King Studio is on Kickstarter right now looking to fund their new Volgelands Campaign Book and two new warbands to go with them as part of The Moldorf Expedition & Others.

RelicBlade’s Moldorf Bibliothecary Summons An Illusory Horror


Metal King Studio has previewed one of the renders for the Moldorf Expedition which are arriving as part of their new RelicBlade Kickstarter.

Weekender: Creative Space Hulk Hobbying & Win Blackstone Fortress!


You could win a copy of Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress AND we're delving into your awesome Space Hulk Hobby Projects for our big challenge!

Metal King Reveal Wild Warriors & Crazy Dwarves For RelicBlade


Damn it Metal King Studio! They have only gone and created a new warband which has caught my eye for RelicBlade.

Metal King Preview New RelicBlade Kickstarter In November


Metal King Studio is going to be returning to Kickstarter with another project for their RelicBlade Adventure Battle Game. 

InfamousJT Now Stocking RelicBlade In The UK!


Metal King Studio's RelicBlade is a fantastic Fantasy skirmish game which is a little hard to get hold of over here in Blighty BUT InfamousJT is now a stockist of the range, removing our woes!

Metal King Reveal New Gear & Righteous Starter Set For RelicBlade!


Metal King Studio has revealed two new expansions which will be coming your way for RelicBlade, a fantastic Fantasy Adventure game which sees your warbands fighting it out in role-play-esque scenarios on the tabletop.

Weekender XLBS: Historical Wargaming & Will It Float?


We're cracking out Lloyd's immense amount of hobby time AND discussing the accessibility of Historical Wargaming...

Community Spotlight: Bog Brush Trees, Guild Ball Busts & RelicBlade Wilderkin


We've got busts (yes they're back!), Wilderkin and DIY Trees today on Community Spotlight!

New Faction Sets Available For Metal King Studio’s RelicBlade


Metal King Studio has put together new Faction Sets for you to use in RelicBlade. After some successful fundraising campaigns, they've now brought these models to their webstore for you to snap up.

You Won’t Be Roasting Metal King’s Pig Warlord On A Spit!


Added as part of the stretch goals for their latest Kickstarter campaign, Metal King Studio has shown off the work on their Pig Warlord which who will no doubt cause havoc for your adventurers on the tabletop.

Learn The Lore Behind RelicBlade’s Stonekin From Metal King Studio


It's time to delve into some lore ahead of the Kickstarter for Metal King Studio's RelicBlade hitting in October. Oh, and seeing a final painted miniature too!

Metal King Studio Show Off New Wilderkin For RelicBlade


As well as The Wretched Hive, another faction of models is also coming to the world of RelicBlade from Metal King Studio when their Kickstarter campaign arrives. Meet The Wilderkin!

Metal King Studio Preview New RelicBlade Kickstarter


Metal King Studio is heading back to Kickstarter with a new project for RelicBlade. Here we have the first look at The Wretched Hive which is coming to you on October 13th!

The New Mangrove Basilisk Monster Stalks Into RelicBlade Soon


Metal King Studio is gearing up for their next Kickstarter to build on the world of RelicBlade. With that in mind, here's the preview of their deadly looking Mangrove Basilisk!

The Iguan Poacher Goes Hunting In Metal King’s RelicBlade


Metal King Studio has been building up its game, RelicBlade, over the last few months and it's growing into quite the community. Looking ahead they have just finished work on the Iguan Poacher, ready to go hunting.

Metal King Releases The Seeker’s Handbook For Relicblade


Metal King Studio has started releasing wave two which includes the new campaign book, The Seeker's Handbook.

Relicblade: Wonders & Horrors Coming Soon From Metal King


Expanding upon their world of RelicBlade the folks at Metal King Studio are soon going to be releasing their Wonders & Horrors book which adds campaign rules and much more.

Metal King Add The Eel Sorcerer To Relicblade’s The Deep Expansion


Metal King are closing in on the last few days for the Bone & Darkness Expansion Kickstarter to Relicblade and with that a new character for The Deep which is an add-on for the campaign.

The Shark Warrior Emerges From The Depths For RelicBlade


Metal King Studio's RelicBlade gets itself a new hero for their Bone & Darkness Kickstarter campaign. Here we have the Shark Warrior which might be a hero Warren would be interested in!

The RelicBlade Bone & Darkness Kickstarter Hits This Weekend


The newest RelicBlade Kickstarter from Metal King Studio will be hitting this weekend on October 15th. With that, we're getting a new character for you to face and some shambling undead creatures too.

Metal King Studio Show Off New RelicBlade Lone Guard Heroes


Metal King Studio have shown off the final designs for some of their heroes which are going to be part of the RelicBlade Kickstarter, Bone & Darkness, launching on October 15th.

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