Metal King Take You On A New Kickstarter RelicBlade Expedition

November 28, 2018 by brennon

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Metal King Studio is on Kickstarter right now looking to fund their new Volgelands Campaign Book and two new warbands to go with them as part of The Moldorf Expedition & Others.

The Moldorf Expedition - RelicBlade

One of the key releases for this Kickstarter is the addition of two new warbands. The first of these is The Moldorf Expedition themselves who are a band of Dwarves who have come up from their underground realm in search of riches and secrets.

Moldorf Warband - RelicBlade

They are in search of another realm which might exist out there on the fringes and as a neutral warband in the world of RelicBlade they can fight for those who align themselves with good or evil. Anything that focuses them towards their goal is fair game in the eyes of these Dwarves.

The Living Woods

The second of the warbands from this Kickstarter is the Lostwood Enclave who have really caught my eye. I love the look of Fae creatures, treemen and big bears so this ticks all of the boxes.

Lostwood Warband - RelicBlade

These druids and protects are fantastic miniatures and I love the Arboleth Sentinel (right) who is ready to rage through the wilderness, taking down those that would disturb its peaceful grove. I have been loving the idea of playing as and with Elves for a while now and anything that's connected to nature in this way also links together nicely.

Campaign Book

The new Volgelands Campaign Book also pushes things in a new direction for RelicBlade giving you a new way to play out adventures in this deadly landscape.

The Volgelands Book - RelicBlade

Inside the book, you're going to find lots of new content for you to engage with including...

  • Regional lore concerning the history of the RelicBlade world, Riverhold, and the Volgelands.
  • Faction lore focussing on the Temple of Justice, the Lone Guard, the Battle Pigs, and the sinister Bone and Darkness.
  • Map based narrative quest lines.
  • Two dangerous new environments: the Scoured Plains and the Brackish Badlands
  • Six scenarios in addition to the narrative quest lines.
  • New wild monsters that inhabit the Volgelands
  • And optional campaign extras including Side Quests and more!

The new wild monsters rules sound fascinating and I would love to see how that plays out and the idea of map-based adventures is always fun. I love the idea of deciphering a map and tracing the routes to find new adventures amongst this tome.

Wandering this land you'll also find yourself encountering some dangerous foes. One of these is Vandas Greycloak who is a Kickstarter exclusive product for this campaign.

Vandas Greycoak - RelicBlade

The model looks great and I love the idea of a shrouded and dangerous warrior on the road, armour and weapons beaten and battered from constant fighting and adventuring. I'm sure this will be one of the foes you'll want your warband to face off against as your stories grow and evolve.


If you're interested in checking out how this game plays I would suggest checking out some of the Battle Reports from STF Wargaming Studio on Youtube as they know what they're doing and always have fun with their games.

Make sure to watch through their game and see if this is for you. I have always been tempted by this world due to the design of the characters and the simple mechanics so maybe I'll find myself leaping into the mix.

What do you think of RelicBlade?

"If you're interested in checking out how this game plays I would suggest checking out some of the Battle Reports from STF Wargaming Studio..."

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