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Reaper Miniatures

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Head Out On A Sweet & Delicious Gummyquest On Kickstarter!


How about rewarding your dungeon-delving heroes with something tasty at the end of a long hard combat scenario? See what you make of Gummyquest which is currently on Kickstarter looking to reward your tastebuds as well as your player characters!

Community Spotlight: Masters Of The Universe, Vox Machina & A Wolfy Diorama

4 months ago 2

We explore some awesome villains and some epic heroes before diving into an epic diorama that showcases a deadly werewolf attack!

Community Spotlight: CodeBlade, House Bolton & A Druidic Diorama!


We dive into some awesome Fantasy projects this time around including a stunning diorama. We also have a look at some Cyberpunk goodness and project that draws from a variety of creators.

Cult Of Games XLBS: 2024 Hobby Resolutions – Will You Be Trying Something New?


Let's dive into a new Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's Cult Of Games we have a proper dive into hobby time and some of our plans for new year. They might include something different from the norm with a smidge of Gunpla! Do you have some new hobbies you're exploring this year?

Community Spotlight: The Umbrella Academy, Frostgreen & Mighty Ships For Cruel Seas


In this week's Community Spotlight, we have a look at The Umbrella Academy, some greenskins in Frostgrave and a mighty ship inspired by the Cruel Seas.

Dive Into Reaper Miniatures’ Dungeon Dwellers RPG


Reaper Miniatures are going to be taking Joseph C. Wolf's Dungeon Dwellers Roleplaying Game to Kickstarter. If you're looking for an alternative Fantasy roleplaying game from the folks who make possibly the largest selection of roleplaying miniatures out there, you will be able to dive in soon!

Community Spotlight: Bushido, Blood Red Skies & An Undead Stockpile


Get stuck into some more awesome community projects as we take a look at some Bushido, head into the clouds with Blood Red Skies and explore a stockpile of bones!

Cult Of Games XLBS: Warlord And Hornby, A Match Made In Hobby Heaven?


In this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, in this week's episode, we have a look at Ben having a go at Golden Daemon(s) as well as what happens when technology betrays John. Lloyd also shows off the plans for his immense hobby shed that is actually closer to becoming a reality!

Community Spotlight: Arabian Nights, Transylvanian Mobs & Dusty Dreadnoughts

12 months ago 7

In this week's Community Spotlight, we delve into a look at some more The Silver Bayonet, some mighty Arabian armies and a Dreadnought that got a bit of tender love and care!

Reaper Reveal The Epic Ma’al Drakar, The Dragon Tyrant!


Reaper Miniatures are going to be offering up one of their biggest beasts from the end of November. You'll be able to snap up the epic Ma'al Drakar, The Dragon Tyrant that could be dropped into your roleplaying games and Fantasy wargames. 

Reaper Preview Mighty New Heroes Ahead Of ReaperCon 2022


Reaper Miniatures has been working with artist Max Dunbar and sculptors like Gene Van Horne, Jason Wiebe, Bobby Jackson to bring to life some awesome Fantasy miniatures for ReaperCon 2022.

Reaper Miniatures Prepare For BIG Bones 6 Kickstarter Soon!


Reaper Miniatures has been preparing for a brand new (and bumper) Kickstarter at the end of March. Bones 6 is going to be tumbling its way onto Kickstarter 31st March!

Explore The Crypt Of The Dwarf King With Reaper Miniatures


Expanding the Dungeon Dwellers Encounters range, Reaper Miniatures has put together another Bones Black collection featuring terrain and miniatures. The Crypt Of The Dwarf King is a ready-made adventure for you to dive into on the tabletop.

Call On Henchmen & Hirelings With Reaper Miniatures


Reaper Miniatures has got a brand new set of miniatures for you to snap up if you're looking for some dungeon delving helpers. The Henchmen & Hirelings set features a collection of 28mm plastic figures for you to send into the dungeon first as Fantasy fodder!

Community Spotlight: Fairy Tale Heroes, Kill Teams & Reaper Demons


We get a look at some brand new painted miniatures from the realm of Fairy Tales, the grimdarkness of Warhammer 40,000 and a mighty Reaper Demon.

Cult Of Games XLBS: How Long Did Your Biggest D&D Campaign Last?


We dive into a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS. We're discussing roleplaying games, long-running D&D campaigns and more. 

Reaper Miniatures Release Their Christmas Line-Up


Reaper Miniatures has released their selection of Christmas Miniatures for you to snap up during the festive period.

Community Spotlight: Undead Dragons, Silver Tower Heroes & Ancient Elves


We've got some massive draconic beasts, mighty heroes and classic Elves in the mix this time around for Community Spotlight.

Cult Of Games XLBS: The Hobby That Rocked, Pirate Radio & Terrifying Bunnies!


It's Sunday once again and for those of you who haven't left your pants since March, it's important to know that the weekend is almost over and tonight is a school night.

Community Spotlight: Judges, Gangers, WWII Tanks & Wise Wizards


We're back looking at some awesome painting projects from across the Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Historical genres. Dive in!

Reaper’s Final 2019 Bones Miniature Revealed As A Wispy Genie


Reaper Miniatures has been showing off the final Bones Black miniature for 2019. This time around they have gone for something magical in the form of Ashana, Female Genie. 

Reaper Summon Bones Black Maggotcrown For November


Reaper Miniatures has been showing off its new Bones Black release for November which is available individually and also with orders over a certain value.

Reaper Miniatures Bow Before Murkillor The Wraith King


Reaper Miniatures has got a new version of Murkillor The Wraith King available on their webstore from ReaperCon 2019.

Weekender: FoW Campaign Launching Soon & Anarchy Airbrushing Skills!


Come and take a trip with us into the tabletop world with another episode of The Weekender talking airbrushing stencils, Flames Of War campaigns and more!

Pound Your Foes With Reaper’s October Bones Black Model


Make your home in the Underdark with a new model from Reaper Miniatures for Bones Black.

Reaper Minis Aren’t Fat They’re Big Boned As Kickstarter Hits


Assuming you've not been living under a bridge you will know who Reaper Minis are, purveyors of miniatures for tabletop games they were one of many companies supplying a variety of tabletop miniatures,

Reaper Miniatures’ Cunning Rogue Sneaks Through The City


Reaper Miniatures now has another special Bones Black model available for those who snag a bunch of models from them this month.

Community Spotlight: Building A Chapter, Old Trees & A Bad Ass Biker


We're checking out a massive Space Marine Chapter, wandering woodland and a Sci-Fi biker this week.

Reaper’s August Bones Black Release Is An Elven Wizard


Reaper Miniatures has been working away on another Bones Black release for August which can either be snapped up separately or as part of a bigger deal.

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Lance and Ben as they trawl through the latest projects on the website.

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Showcase your projects by linking them into the comments within!

Brother Hammond Leads The Way For Reaper In July


Each month, Reaper Miniatures make a model free alongside orders over a certain amount and July sees us introduced to Brother Hammond, Travelling Monk. 

June’s Reaper Bones Black Miniature Is A Mighty Ogre


Reaper Miniatures has been showing off the new Bones Black model which you can pick up for June.

Reaper’s New Rogue Gets Backstabbing For May


Reaper Miniatures has unleashed a new Rogue into the mix as part of their Reaper Black collection this month.

April’s Reaper Bones Black Orc Shaman Conjures Magical Forces


April has arrived and that means another special Reaper Miniatures character or creature for you to snap up.

A Fiery Efreeti Takes Form For Reaper Bones Black This Month


A fiery Female Efreeti is the newest model in the Reaper Miniatures Bones Black range this month. Check out Zuba!

Reaper Unleash The Black Rock Troll On Adventurers


Reaper Miniatures are continuing their process of releasing a new promotional miniature a month with their Bones Black range. The miniature for February is the Black Rock Troll.

Community Spotlight: Glowing Creepy Crawlies, Anime Warriors & Big Bones


We're back with a look at some of the brilliant work being done in our community project system today!

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Ben, John and Lance as they'll be going through a new era of Hobby Hangout.

Troll And The Brain Try To Take Over Reaper Minis In 2019


Reaper Minis have previewed two of what they have called Bones Black figures coming out in 2019; a Troll and the Brain.

Reaper Go Dungeon Delving With Their December Hero


Reaper Miniatures continue into their final month of Dungeon Dwellers with a new hero for you to consider, Caerindra Thistlemoor.

Reaper Reveal A Vampire As This Month’s Dungeon Dweller


Reaper Miniatures has revealed a new miniature for their Dungeon Dweller range which will grace their webstore this October. 

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