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Tor Gaming

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Orcnar Dmoder & Scribbling Scribes For Relics!


See what's coming for both the Orcnar and the Mercenaries in the world of Relics by Tor Gaming.

Ride Out With Ridend Battle Dragons Of Tor Gaming’s Relics!


Tor Gaming show off some mighty battle dragons for the world of Relics and their new Ridend faction. I can't wait to see these turn into miniatures!

The Ridend Barons Of Tor Gaming’s Relics Don Their Armour!


Tor Gaming show off the gallant members of Ridend society with their selection of interesting Barons in full plate armour!

Check Out The New Ridend Faction For Tor Gaming’s Relics!


See what you think of these neat little additions to the world of Relics, the Ridend!

Some Cute Little Puppet Attack Dogs Join Relic’s Britanans


A couple of new releases will soon be joining the world of Relics, including some new pets for the puppets of the Britanans.

Painting A Relics Britanan Foot Soldier Part 3


Time for part three of this great little tutorial. Romain now adds some more highlights to the miniature and gets stuck in on painting our little toy soldier's rifle!

Battle Box & Beyond: Relics Nuem Faction


Battle Box & Beyond: Relics – Orcnar Faction


Justin and Gav from Tor Gaming are back in the studio for another look at one of the factions for Relics. This time we meet the Orcnar!

Battlebox & Beyond: Relics Britanan Faction


Time to have a look at a different game for Battlebox & Beyond! Justin is joined by Gavin from Tor Gaming as they sit down and have a look at how you would go about expanding the Britanan faction for Relics.

Get Started In Relics With Two Player Starter Sets!


Take yourself and a friend into the world of Relics by Tor Gaming. Do you think you will pick up this two player bundle?

Download Tor Gaming’s Relic Wars 0.2 Now!


Tor Gaming have posted the Relic Wars 2.0 rules on their forums so you can now dive in and have a look at the changes that have been put in place.

A First Look At The Nuem Domini For Tor Gaming’s Relics!


Check out this semi-exclusive look at the new Nuem Domini for Tor Gaming's Relics. Does this meet with your seal of approval?

Take A Closer Look At The Relics Rulebooks From Tor Gaming


Check out Tor Gaming's closer look at the rulebook for their game, Relics. It certainly is a good looking tome!

Tor Gaming Let the Dogs Out


Some greens have appeared for Tor Gaming 's game of Relics which promise some puppet puppies for the Britanans.

It’s Time for May Mayhem With New Relics Releases


Tor Gaming have published the images of some of the new models which will be appearing in the twisted fantasy world of Relics this May, with new goodies for everyone be they Britanan puppet or Orcnar monster.

Fantasy Football Is Filled With Puppets By Tor Gaming


Check out the re-emergence of the Relics: Armistice League with Tor Gaming. It's coming soon so watch out for it!

The Relics Reinforcements Come In Thick & Fast


What do you make of the recent progress Tor Gaming have made in their latest Kickstarter?

Tor Gaming Want Help Funding Relics Reinforcements


Another Kickstarter is on the horizon for the world of Relics by Tor Gaming...

Tor Gaming Go Rock Pooling For Curious Crabmen


Check out the latest models to go on pre-order from Tor Gaming...

Take A Closer Look At The Relics: Armistice League Line-Up


Relics: Armistice League kicks off for another half with a look at some more miniatures from the team.

Tor Gaming’s Relics: Armistice League Fundraiser Kicks Off


The Relics: Armistice League Kickstarter has begun!

Look Out For A Relics: Armistice League Kickstarter Soon!


Does this new Kickstarter sound like a worthwhile prospect for investment?

Bringing Out The Big Guns With Relics Nuem


A rather mighty gun is on pre-order for the world of Relics. Check out this weapon of the Nuem.

Fancy Playing Fantasy Football In The World of Relics?


Fancy playing some Fantasy Football in the world of Relics?

Grab The Rules for Relics For Free Via Tor Gaming!


Check out Relics for free with Tor Gaming as they put a free PDF up on the website!

Tor Gaming’s Relics Errata is Up for Inspection!


Check out the new Relics Errata from Tor Gaming!

Join A Global Relics Campaign with Tor Gaming


Relics takes to the tournament and campaign field with The Island of Ryne!

The New Edition of Unbridled Fury Enters Public Beta


Unleash the Unbridled Fury and play test the new Beta rules with Tor Gaming!

Superb Relic Pre-Orders from Tor Gaming for the End of Summer!


A whole host of new Relics pre-orders are unleashed by Tor Gaming!

Tor Gaming Auction Off the Original Painted Relics Line


Pick up a piece of gaming history, and help a charity too!

Titan-Forge Hope You’ll Help Fund Drakskull’s Menace


So will Titan-Forge's IndieGoGo campaign be the one for you?

Tor Gaming’s Relics World Expands with New Greens


The Relics line expands with some awesome looking new greens.

More Nuem Emerge as Relics Pre-Orders Hit the Store


What starter set will you pick up for Tor Gaming's Relics?

Tor Gaming Puts Out a Call for Talented Sculptors


Tor Gaming put out a call for talented sculptors to work with them on producing their unfinished models.

The Worthy Painting Relics Repaint Continues


The Relics of Tor Gaming are given a new lick of paint by Worthy Painting.

The Relics IndieGoGo Project has only One Day Left!


The Relics IndieGoGo Campaign is drawing to a close, go help it push the target even further!

The Relics Nuem Specialis Pueri Come Out to Play


The Nuem's Footless Priestesses are coming to Relics!

Worthy Painting Bring the Nuem-Paenitentiam To Creepy Life


The creepy Nuem have been painted and revealed by the masters at Worthy Painting.

Fancy Getting Your Hands on Relics Nuem Artwork?


Fancy getting your hands on a set of Nuem Faction Artwork? Then just pledge!

Tor Gaming Take a Closer Look At the Evil & Spiky Paenitentiam


Tor Gaming take a closer look at the devilishly insidious and rather scary looking Paenitentiam Pack.

Pre-Order the New Relics Nuem Faction and Get Free Stuff!


The Nuem Faction is approaching with a new Pre-Order Plus deal from Tor Gaming.

Worthy Painting Becomes Official Painting Studio for Relics


Here's a press release from the guys at Relics, confirming their new relationship with the painting service... Worthy Painting.

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