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Westfalia Miniatures

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Fantasy Knights & Rust Monsters Lie Ahead From Westfalia


It seems like Westfalia are going to be expanding their collection all the more with some fascinating new projects on the way for 2017.

Build Halfling Homes & Armies With Westfalia’s New Kickstarter


Westfalia is on Kickstarter with a very short campaign looking to create some new models and terrain pieces for use with your Fantasy games. See what you think of the Second Breakfast packed with Halflings and their little homes too!

Westfalia Heading To Kickstarter Soon With More Halfling Goodies


Running from the 25th November till the 5th December 2016 Westfalia will be hitting up Kickstarter once more with some new Halfling models and much more.

Westfalia Paint Up New Pesky Little Kobolds


Westfalia have been showing off some more of their work on future dungeon delving foes on the horizon and one such group are the Kobolds.

Westfalia Head North With New Female Fighter Kickstarter


Westfalia Fantasy Battles have headed to Kickstarter to fund their Northern Mercenaries all of whom are women warriors ready for a scrap in the snow.

Westfalia Smite Evil With Their Upcoming Cleric


Westfalia Fantasy Battles continue to impress with their previews for the upcoming Kickstarter set in the fields of ice towards the North.

Westfalia Promises Saxon Light Cavalry On Horizon


Looking to add some Saxons to your battle? Westfalia is showing off some Saxon Light Cavalry previews that will be the perfect new additions to your collection.

Westfalia Share More Heroes Ahead Of Wintery Northern Kickstarter


Westfalia Fantasy Battles have shown off some more previews ahead of their Kickstarter for the Northern Mercenaries.

Go Hunting With Westfalia’s Big Ol’ Surly Gentleman


Westfalia Fantasy Battles have teased another image from their upcoming specialist range which will drop later this year.

Westfalia Look To Northern Mercenaries For Upcoming Adventures


Westfalia have looked ahead towards their next Kickstarter campaign where they are travelling up North and they need to take some Mercenaries with them!

A Mounted Mage Is Trotting Into Battle From Westfalia


Westfalia Fantasy Battles have previewed a new sculpt that they have been working on. Their community yelled out that they wanted a Mounted Mage and so they responded with this particular piece...

Westfalia Show Off A Sneaky Halfling & More Sketches


Westfalia Fantasy Battles have shown off another preview of what's coming from them in terms of Halflings as well as additional sketches of a project for the future. See what you think of the Thief in the meantime...

Weekender XLBS: Building The Perfect Gaming Scenarios


It's Happy Sunday time! Welcome Backstage as we discuss some of the ways in which we can craft our own gaming scenarios and some of the news from the week...

Westfalia Miniatures Produce Some Deadly Female Adventurers


Westfalia Miniatures have shown off some models they've been working on for your tabletop role-playing adventures. See what you think of this Rogue, Fighter and Barbarian which have appeared alongside their successfully funded Halfling army...

Weekender XLBS: Halfling Armies, Mechanicus Week Cometh & More


Happy Sunday and Merry Christmas once again! We're letting you in on what's happening over the Holiday season and chatting about some awesome miniatures coming our way...

A Mighty Halfling Army Assembles From Westfalia On Kickstarter


Westfalia Miniatures have begun their short but sweet (quite fitting!) Kickstarter for their Halfling Army. This will only be running for two weeks but will get you a whole horde of soldiers, cavalry, characters and more for making your very own battalion of happy folk...

A Well Dressed Ogre Joins The Westfalia Fantasy Battles Range


The folks at Westfalia have shown off another of their upcoming Kickstarter Exclusive stretch goals for their fundraising campaign. See what you make of this well dressed Ogre dressed up in Renaissance clothing...

Westfalia Show Off Upcoming Steppe Goblin Stretch Goal


Ahead of their imminent Kickstarter which will be focusing on making a Fantasy army of Halflings Westfalia Miniatures have shown off one of their upcoming stretch goals, the Steppe Goblin...

Westfalia Show Off A Kickstarter Exclusive Fantasy Miniature


While Westfalia's new Fantasy Kickstarter is going to be focused on armies of Halflings they also have a Kickstarter Exclusive model that's decidedly taller. See what you think of her...

Westfalia’s Little Mage Casts Some Big Spells


Westfalia have shown off a rather charming character from their upcoming Fantasy range which will be on Kickstarter in December 2015. They have quite the thing for Halflings and in this case a little Mage...

Westfalia’s Mad Max-ish Wasteland Survivors On Kickstarter


If you've been on the fence about getting into playing a post apocalyptic type game, then Westfalia Miniatures may have just changed your mind. Their latest Kickstarter, 28mm Wasteland Survivors, has captured the best of the Mad Max-ish vibe and poured it into some great minis.

A Steampunk Menagerie Comes To Kickstarter


Mechanical animals are headed into the steampunk world with the new Steampunk Menagerie Kickstarter from Westfalia Publishing. Apes and Crabs are on deck at this time with utterings of gorillas and perhaps a dinosaur down the line!

28mm Napoleonic Persians Come To Kickstarter


Westfalia Miniatures is bringing the Persians to Napoleonics in 28mm glory with their Kickstarter! Camels, fur hats and beards will see their way into the battle in this project.

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