Unboxing: Star Trek: Away Missions – Q Organized Play Kit | Gale Force 9

April 22, 2024 by avernos

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Gerry has an encounter at Farpoint as he cracks open the first organised play kit from Gale Force 9 for Star Trek: Away Missions, and sees what madness and mischief the Q Continuum have to offer the galaxy.


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The Q organised play kit contains enough for ten players to not only encounter Q but fight against him and finally with him over a series of scenarios that could be played out like a boot camp over a day or over several weeks at a club as it offers up new issues that will require you to change your plans on the fly. In a game where you are constantly having to adjust your playstyle depending on opponent and cards, Q adds a new wrinkle to the equation and as a bonus can join your away teams as a Specialist in standard games down the line.

Has your club thought about starting Away Missions?

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