Weekender: Will 2020 Bring Us Full-Colour 3D Printing?

January 11, 2020 by warzan

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Welcome back to another big delve into the tabletop gaming world for 2020 as we start off the year proper with The Weekender. We're all back, conquering illness, and with lots to chat about.


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There is plenty for us to dive in and talk about so make sure, as always, to throw in your thoughts down below as your comments help us develop the conversation!

Fascinating 3D Printing News

So, it looks like Hero Forge are going to be starting something pretty special soon. They have been teasing the development of their platform with all new tweaks but the really fascinating part is that it is going to include a Full-Colour option.

Are they going to be able to "change the game"? Well, Warren and the guys share their thoughts on the matter and talk about what the prospects are for this kind of technology. We also make sure to note existing options like that from Shapeways and soon from Secret Weapon Miniatures.


As well as that pretty exciting news from Hero Forge we also have more for you...

  • Aether War - Things are hotting up as two revamped factions clash in Age Of Sigmar
  • Chaos Campaigns & Teclis - The mighty Elf is back soon alongside a new campaign and Ogor Hunters!
  • Battle Sisters & T'Au - Some brand new grimdark miniatures are in the mix over the coming weeks
  • Skyrim Awaits - Modiphius has talked more about the release of The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms
  • Gangs Of The Undercity - Keep an eye out for more on this Fantasy/Cyberpunk gang skirmish game
  • Marvel United - CMON and Spin Master Games are joining forces for a more kid-friendly looking board game
  • Return To Dark Tower - Restoration Games look to be doing it again with their take on a classic

So, what from the news caught your eye this week?


Just one Kickstarter project for you this week as no doubt we'll have many more to dive into in the coming days. Here we have SanctorVM which is a new survival horror adventure/roleplaying game from the Antoni Bonet Balanzat featuring a diverse and interesting cast of characters, interesting mechanical choices and plenty of wonderful artwork and music to play along to.

So, if you're fascinated by the dark and the brooding this might be for you!

Have a great weekend of gaming!

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