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Hold The Line With Bushido’s Ito Clan Okyo Ashigaru


GCT Studios has put together another look ahead to the next wave of miniatures coming for Bushido. Here we have some basic troops for you to use in your growing Ito Clan force looking at the Okyo Ashigaru.

The Kami Of Reflection Forms For The World Of Bushido


Bushido will feature a new Kami coming soon as a Ronin - meaning it will fight for multiple factions. The Kami Of Reflection might look like a bunch of rocks but it provides you with some interesting options when painting.

The Mighty Goro Arrives For The Next Wave Of Bushido Releases


Stomping into the limelight for the next collection of Bushido releases by GCT Studios we have Goro for the Savage Wave. See what you make of this roaring brute...

Temo Brings His Poison To Bushido’s Jung Pirates


GCT Studios have revealed a new crew member of the Jung Pirates of Bushido, the escaped slave and jungle fighter Temo.

Pirates & Assassins Arrive In Wave Thirty-Three For Bushido


GCT Studios has shown off two new characters from the world of Bushido coming out soon in wave Thirty-Three.

Soar With The Eagles For GCT Studios’ Bushido


GCT Studios are welcoming in the new year with a look ahead to what is on the horizon for Bushido. So, here is a look at another of the release in the new wave with the Convocation Of Eagles.

Kuma Readies For A Fight In GCT’s Bushido


It's all getting a little Kung Fu Panda as Kuma is added to the list of characters on the way for GCT Studios' Bushido.

4Ground To Produce Bushido Terrain For GCT Studios


4Ground are going to be working alongside GCT Studios to create a range of terrain for their amazing game, Bushido.

Weekender: Our Gift Guide For A Happy Hobbyist


We're delving into some awesome gift ideas for the hobbyist and gamer in your life plus much more!

The Kami Of Sapping Silt & More Available To Pre-Order For Bushido


GCT Studios has now unleashed the new set of miniatures from Wave 32 for Bushido onto their webstore. You'll have seen many of them before but we wanted to focus in on the Kami of Sapping Silt since it looks very weird indeed!

Asami The Sea Witch Summons Up A Storm For Bushido


Asami rises up to join the cast of Bushido by GCT Studios. The Jung Pirates are calling on the power of a mystic now to help change their fate.

Community Spotlight: A Whopping Great Snake, Bushido Beauties & Kit Bashing Marines


It appears we have a very serpentine theme with our spotlight for this week!

Rally Behind The Banner Of The Ito Clan For Bushido


GCT Studios have another sneaky release for you this month for the Ito Clan as part of Bushido. Say hello to the banner waving Jirou.

Rats & Pirates Clamber Aboard Bushido’s Ship


A new wave of miniatures are on the way for Bushido for both the Cult of Yurei and the Jung Pirates. We start things off with the scrabbling Plague Rats!

Scuttle About With Tetsuso Of The Jung Pirates In Bushido


Tetsuso is the final miniature for Wave 30 (yes, they have got that far already!) in Bushido by GCT Studios. This new member of the Jung Pirates is a bit crabby!

Wave 31 Announced In Bushido From GCT Studios


GCT Studios continues to release one amazing miniature after another for Bushido and these are no different.

A New Ninja Sneaks Into Bushido’s Wave 31 Releases


GCT Studios are starting to show off the new releases for the next wave of models, which will include a new ninja for the Shadow Wind clan, also known as the Kage Kaze Zoku.

Shark Men Ahoy For The Jung Pirates Of Bushido


GCT Studios have decided to spice up things even more with the addition of another model to the Jung Pirates range. Here we have a model Warren would be proud off with Arata...

Minato Jung Drops Anchor in Bushido


With the pirates of the new Jung faction getting ready to sail into Bushido, GCT Studios have now unveiled one of the clan's leaders; the anchor-wielding Minato Jung.

Yuji Joins The Jung Pirates Of GCT’s Bushido


GCT Studios have shown off another character which will help build on your newest Bushido faction, the Jung Pirates. Here we have Yuji with his wonderful pet monkey...

Pirates Take To The Tabletop Of GCT’s Bushido


GCT Studios have taken to the tabletop with a new faction for Bushido, the Jung Pirates! You can see their Starter Set here complete with all manner of miscreants.

Weekender XLBS: Could You Create An Epic Mega Game?


Happy Sunday folks and welcome to The Weekender XLBS. Our focus this week is on BIG games, specifically the idea of Mega Games from all different tabletop genres...

GCT Show Off A Superb Bushido Pairing To End Wave Twenty Nine


GCT Studios are rounding off Wave Twenty Nine of Bushido with an absolute corker of a pairing with Xi-Han & Zoo. These are some wonderful looking characters to bring forth the Savage Wave...

Bushido’s Ito Clan Wrap Their Coils Around the New Child of Orochi


Another miniature has appeared to join the Asiatic fantasy skirmish combat of Bushido; the Child of Orochi, the temple servants of the Ito Clan's sinister serpent god.

Weekender XLBS: Warhammer Fest Round Up – What’s Ahead?


We continue to catch Warren up on the world of wargaming AND delve into some deeper thoughts and background on Warhammer Fest and what's coming soon from Games Workshop...

Maniitok Lends His Axe To Bushido’s Tengu


Bushido's Tengu Descension have staunch allies among the tribes of humans living in their mountains. One such aly has now joined the fight, ready to defend his home with axe in hand.

Kenta Takashi The Prefecture of Ryu Appears For Bushido


Everyone needs a true leader and hero and Kenta Takashi has answered the call for Bushido.

The Kairai Rise For Bushido & The Cult Of Yurei


More models continue to rise for the Cult of Yurei in GCT Studios' Bushido. They are some creepy looking undead creations which will no doubt give you problems on the tabletop...

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane…No Definitely A Bird For GCT’s Bushido


GCT Studios are kicking off Wave Twenty-Nine of Bushido (yes, they have released THAT many miniatures) with a mighty Giant Eagle for the Tengu Descension...

Listen To The Dark Music Of Mokoti In GCT’s Bushido


GCT Studios have been bewitched by dark magics as the Monk known as Mokoti comes to the Cult Of Yurei in the world of Bushido.

Snarling Pit Dogs Are Unleashed In GCT’s Bushido


GCT Studios have let the dogs out (yes, we went there) with their new preview of what's coming for the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate. Considering their criminal intentions they certainly need some big bad Pit Dogs...

Bushido Masters Martial Arts With Kira


GCT Studios have shown off another model for the Temple of Ro-Kan. Here we have the martial artist known as Kira who is readying for a kick and summoning power from the beyond...

Hill Tribe Hero Kanut Previewed For Bushido


Bushido is getting pretty wild, look at this release from GCT Studios.

Bushido Braves the Beasts Of The Bakemono Riders


The Savage Wave of Bushido are about to get a little more savage as GCT Studios provide our first glimpse at their new Bakemono Beasts Riders.

Bushido’s Venerable Naigubu Joins The Tengu Descension


GCT Studios get Wave 28 off to a great start with a big character for the world of Bushido. Here we have Naigubu for the Tengu Descension who is a mighty temple master with plenty of power in that bird brain of his...

Bushido Welcomes The Jung Pirates & A New Wave Of Models Soon


GCT Studios have previewed the first member of a new faction within the world of Bushido. Here we have Buto who used to fight for the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate and now takes to the seas to pillage and steal from those who use the waterways. We also have another great look at upcoming models...

Weekender XLBS: Building The Perfect Gaming Scenarios


It's Happy Sunday time! Welcome Backstage as we discuss some of the ways in which we can craft our own gaming scenarios and some of the news from the week...

Master Martial Arts With New Bushido Miniatures This Month


GCT Studios have delved back into the mysterious world of martial arts with two new release coming soon to the world of Bushido. First off we start off with the kicking power that dwells within Yuuki...

Woman Warriors & Gentle Healers For Bushido’s New Wave


GCT Studios have previewed two more of the models for their newest wave of Bushido miniatures. See what you think of Bachiko Takashi and Qimmiq who both seem to have very different philosophies on life...

Masters Of Bow & Sword Fight Their Way Into Bushido


GCT Studios have shown off two of the models for Wave Twenty Seven of Bushido. We have two Samurai types this time around with Iiju Makoto and the Okyo Archer who are masters of the sword and bow respectively...

Misao The Grey Rose Brings An Air Of Mysticism To Bushido


GCT Studios have shown off another new character for the Silvermoon Syndicate. Misao, the Grey Rose looks like a strange and intriguing character who might have twisted the minds of many folks in her time.

Blast Foes Away With The Bakemono Boomers In Bushido


It's time for something a little different from GCT Studios for Bushido this time around. Here we have the new models named the Bakemono Boomers which will be risking their lives to unleash some deadly firepower on the tabletop...

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