New Diverse Characters Comes To The World Of Bushido

February 15, 2021 by brennon

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GCT Studios has talked about a new set of characters who are now available to pre-order for the world of Bushido. Each of the new offerings is pretty darn diverse and give you a peek into the different powers vying for control in this 35mm Fantasy world.

Moyasu - Bushido

Moyasu // Bushido

The first of these characters is the fiery and betentacled looking Moyasu who is going to be flickering and slithering their way into the world of Bushido soon. Alongside the flaming form of Moyasu, you've also got Miyakomo who is summoning forth power from a different element.

Miyakomo - Bushido

Miyakomo // Bushido

I like how different each of these characters is and they certainly seem to have a lot of power to use on the tabletop. Alas, we don't have any images of the actual final miniatures at the moment from the folks at GCT Studios but if these are anything like the releases we've seen from them in the past, they are going to be lovely!

We did get a few more details about some of the less magical-looking characters which are going up for pre-order too. For example, here is Ichiro.

Ichiro - Bushido

Ichiro // Bushido

Ichiro is a new option for those who want to build up their Temple forces. Whilst he might be cowardly, as per his rules, he is also able to draw on a sense of hope to inspire his allies to greater feats on the tabletop.

Another of the characters, and one which is a tad more colourful, we also have Ayame.

Ayame - Bushido

Ayame // Bushido

Working for the Silvermoon, Ayame is able to use her dancing skills in order to draw in her opponents and beguile them before making sure they feel the sharp end of her pointed fans. It bodes well to have someone on your side who can stupify your opponents.

Are you tempted by these new offerings for Bushido? You can follow on through to their webstore to find out more about their range!

Is Bushido a game on your radar?

"Are you tempted by these new offerings for Bushido?"

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