Check Out What’s Coming For Corvus Belli’s Infinity In 2020

December 5, 2019 by brennon

We're also taking a look this week at what is coming from Corvus Belli for Infinity next year. January isn't really that far away and with a new month, we get a peek at some great new characters for an array of different factions.

Alpha Unit - Infinity

Leading the way we have the Alpha Unit which you'll be able to pick up, continuing the theme of soldiers being accompanied by mechanical assistants on the battlefield and throughout the streets of Infinity's cities. With things being as deadly as they are in their Sci-Fi world having someone watching your back is always welcome.

Mary Problems is also going to be coming your way as a hacker and stealth operative for you to throw into the mix. She comes armed with her deadly pistols and also an intellect which is as sharp as a knife.

Mary Problems - Infinity

You'll be wanting to include her in your force if you like the idea of sneaking around and disrupting your enemies plans before they can fully be put into action. She has that awesome Cyberpunk vibe that we see throughout a selection of the models from Corvus Belli which makes sense considering she's doing a lot o' hacking!

Talking of hacking, we also have the Haidào who combines a bit more battlefield expertise with the business of hacking your enemies and ruining their day.

Haido Hacker - Infinity

Much like other soldiers from the faction of Yu Jing, they have a dedication to their commanders and are deadly soldiers who can hold their own. Donning some heavier armour you wouldn't have to worry too much about leaving this fellow to his own devices.

The Combined Army are also stepping into the breach with a new alien foe for you to face, the Shasvastii Seed-Soldier.

Shasvastii Seed-Soldiers - Infinity

Acting as quite the core of a Combined Army force, these soldiers are going to be key to your exploits on the tabletop. They have the ability to use their Limited Camoflague in order to sneak into position and take down heavily armoured infantry with their weapons.

Dire Foes Mission!

Finally, we have a look at a new Dire Foes Pack which is called Datacash. This new set comes with the key characters of Securitate Inspector Jelena Kovač, Fusilier Indigo Richard Quinn and also a Databanker who has got stuck in the middle of all of this!

Dire Foes Mission Set 9 Data Cache - Infinity

The Dire Foes sets are nice little scenarios which help to build on the narrative elements of Infinity on the tabletop. I love it when we get to see these little stories unfold on the tabletop and whilst I like the competitive angle for games I do prefer a scenario where the tale is the main focus.

So, from what you've seen for the month of January 2020 could you be snapping up some additional goodies next year?

"She comes armed with her deadly pistols and also an intellect which is as sharp as a knife..."

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