Claim Manors & Castles By Haunting In Rest In Peace

February 9, 2022 by fcostin

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Asmodee will be releasing Blue Cocker Games' card game title rest in peace to retail this Spring. Putting the terrors of haunting as your main goal, Rest In Peace readies up for US retail.

Rest In Peace - Box Art

Rest In Peace // Blue Cocker Games

In a battle from the grave, two rivalling ghostly families are set out to dominate the estate around them. With a history of fighting over the mansions amongst the lands in which they dwell. The war is not over, and there is land to be reclaimed and it's up to the 2 players to put an end to centuries of anguish.

Card Preview - Rest In Peace

Card Preview // Rest In Peace

Players will star with their own deck of 21 different ghosts in hand. They will need to get their hands on a Mansion whilst outbidding their opponent for the prize wins. With the hope to control the majority, players will attempt to play cards to win mansion tokens - which means haunting, engaging and preempting the opposition.

Gameplay Setup - Rest In Peace

Setup // Rest In Peace

The goal is simple, to control the lands by a majority on the estate. So the first player to get their ectoplasmic hands on either three castles of four manors - they have won.

There will be conflict! As the family of ghosts in hand are so equipped and dedicated, that they have returned from the dead! Players will attempt to outbid and think strategically with their cards, meaning walking away from a fight when beneficial and anticipating the next upcoming move.

The title will be released to the masses on March 4th, 2022. Geared up for two players and providing everything they need in one box. The game will take no longer than 15 minutes to play through, and is pitched for 8+: perfect for younger gamers to learn some basic bidding and hand management mechanics.

Do you think you have what it takes to claim dominance and let the ghosts Rest In Peace? 

"In a battle from the grave, two rivalling ghostly families are set out to dominate the estate around them..."

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