Fire Up The Ludwig & Lothar Panzers For DUST Tactics

April 26, 2014 by brennon

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You can't go wrong as an Axis player in DUST when you have access two some fairly impressive Panzers. No, we're not talking tanks, we're talking about the Ludwig and the Lothar which are going to be sending a fair amount of damage the Allies way...



You can see more details about these impressive looking walkers on the links above but inside you'll be getting all the cards and such that will help you play with these on the battlefield.

From a cursory glance of them it looks like you've got yourself a mech/walker killer in the Ludwig and then something to spread out the damage across both armour and infantry with the Lothar.

Either way I wouldn't want to walk into these on a dark night or indeed at any battlefield ever.

Will you pick these up Axis players?

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