A Monstrous Wyrm Previewed For Oathmark

October 23, 2017 by brennon

The folks behind Oathmark have teased another big surprise coming down the pipeline. It looks like monstrous creatures are certainly going to be a thing with this massive Wyrm/Drake being added into the mix...

Oathmark Drake

Designed in the style of the old-fashioned beasts of Tolkienesque Fantasy this creature is a wingless beast, delving deep into the tunnels of mountains in search of gold as well as Dwarves and Goblins to eat.

Hopefully, we're going to be seeing plenty more creatures of this ilk being fed into the line-up. It makes me excited to see what the Elves might get.

Painted Heroes

We've seen some of the unpainted heroes for the Dwarf army over the last few weeks but now we get some painted characters to get excited about thanks to Andrew Taylor.

Painted Dwarves #1

All of the heroes are looking great, even more so with a lick of paint on them. The beards are particularly exceptional.

Painted Dwarves #2

I'm not sure that I'm a big fan of the closed helm on the character in the middle of the second picture as it looks a little too squeezed together for my liking, but the Wizard is rather swish!

What do you make of these characters?

"It makes me excited to see what the Elves might get..."

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