New Shadow Deep Expansion; Will You Escape The Incinerator?

December 9, 2019 by brennon

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A new expansion has been added into the mix by Joseph A. McCullough for those playing Rangers Of Shadow Deep. With a title like Incinerator, you can imagine this is going to be quite the deadly set of scenarios!

Rangers Of Shadow Deep Incinerator

In this smaller expansion to the game, you'll find two new scenarios. Your Rangers have been captured and imprisoned deep within a dungeon known as the Incinerator. Now you must try and escape through puzzles, pitfalls and more. It works for Rangers of any level which is great to hear and you can also find a new, potential, auxiliary companion in your travels too.

Are you tempted to give this a go with a few friends?

"Are you tempted to give this a go with a few friends?"

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