Privateer Press Unleash Zaal In Latest Lock & Load Preview

May 12, 2019 by cassn

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Privateer Press have released teaser images of one of the exclusive miniatures which will be available for purchase at Lock & Load Gamefest 2019. Running from June 21-23 in Bellevue, Washington, Privateer Press's Lock & Load convention is three days of epic wargaming, precision painting, and unbelievably cool miniatures!


This latest release, Zaal, the Ancestral Eye is based on Zaal, the Ancestral Adcovate, and there's definitely a thematic resemblance between the two miniatures.  Zaal, the Ancestral Eye can be purchased at the convention next month. However, if like us you find yourself on the wrong side of the ocean and missing out on the Privateer Press party, you can still purchase Zaal, the Ancestral Eye through their website during Lock & Load weekend.

Will you be attending Lock & Load Gamefest 2019?

"Privateer Press's Lock & Load Gamefest is three days of epic wargaming!"

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