PWork Wargames Battle Across The Outlander Mat

September 7, 2019 by brennon

PWork Wargames has been diving into a newly revamped mat for you to use across a wide range of games. Check out this Outlander Mat.

Outlander Mat - PWork Wargames

The focus here is on making a mat which could be used across a variety of games. This would work for use in Historical, Fantasy and even Sci-Fi games as a wartorn battlefield where there is plenty of blood and guts being spilt.

The mat comes in an array of different sizes too so it will be good for skirmish gamers and those who want to play out proper mass battles too.

Outlander Mat Dimensions - PWork Wargames

I think this looks like a muddy battlefield where folks are dying in droves. Imagine if this was the stage set for the Battle Of Hastings where a shield wall is pushing through the mud.

Do you think you'll be snapping this up?

"Do you think you'll be snapping this up?"

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