Save A Species Under Threat In Endangered

April 14, 2019 by cassn

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Endangered is a co-operative, modular game system where players must work together as conservationists to save just one species from extinction. While this may sound simple, in fact, it will take incredible amounts of skill and careful planning to stay ahead of environmental collapse and events, while also maintaining a solid course to ensure the long-term survival of your chosen species.


The base game includes the modules for both the Tiger and the Sea Otter. Try to control the environment, play special cards, avoid hazards, and build a sustainable future for these endangered animals.

Each module will tell a different story and offer unique challenges to that species. More modules are planned for future expansions - each one highlighting the unique problems facing the conservation for that species.


Endangered is a game which gives my soul hope. Yes, it is an educational tool with an environmental message but, more than that - it's a good game! Too often, games which highlight contemporary issues fail to deliver on quality. However, Endangered is a game with interesting mechanics, good replayability, quality components and good prospects for expansions and further development.


The designers have teamed up with the Centre of Biological Diversity, a national environmental group, to help with consultation for the game, and pledgers have the option of including a game donation to them which will be distributed among their educational initiatives.

Since Kickstarter forbids the direct donation of campaign funds, Grand Gamers Guild will be giving a portion of non-Kickstarter proceeds to the organization.


Endangered is a game which promotes, provides, and educates conservation, but further to that, it's a fun game to play! Check out the campaign in greater detail here.

What animal would you most like to see used for an Endangered game module?

"A game which gives my soul hope!"

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