The DM’s Job Just Got Easier With Dungeon Dressing Dice

February 26, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

Incognito Solutions Inc. is on Kickstarter right now with a clever little role-playing/storytelling tool called Dungeon Dressing Dice...

Now you can populate your rooms and story with the roll of a dice based on various traditional role-playing settings.

The dice will dictate what's in the room and help generate the narrative by presenting different terrain and objects for players to interact with.

The dice come with a variety of themes including King's Castle, Dark Tavern, Lord's Manor, Deep Dungeon, Ancient Ruin, Priest's Temple, Wizard's Tower and Rowdy Tavern.

Each set comes with 8 dice (1 from each theme) featuring different images on each side to dictate what you might find in that area.

Whether you use the dice as literal items that are represented in your games or not, they provide a great storytelling mechanic to encourage players to use their imaginations.

To me, these sound like a perfect tool for someone new to DM-ing (is that a word?).

Will you be adding some Dungeon Dressing Dice to your RPG toolkit?

"Now you can populate your rooms and story with the roll of a dice based on various traditional role-playing settings..."

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